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By Kristy Carruba

The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: Wendy McClendon-Covey played

FIRST FIVES : Mike O'Dea, Monica Caraffa, James Gabriele, Jim Carter & Priscilla Paez

Honorable Mention: Karen Feldman

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5

The Voice-NBC 4.5/14.5
NCIS-CBS 3.4/19.9
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.-ABC 3.3/19.9
NCIS: LA-CBS 2.7/15.0
Chicago Fire-NBC 2.6/8.7

Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
The Voice-NBC 149,192
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D-ABC 141,235
New Girl-FOX 78,167
NCIS-CBS 75,062
Chicago Fire-NBC 53,977

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Sons of Anarchy-FX 2.4/4.5
MLB Wildcard-TBS 1.3/4.5
TOSH.0-Comedy Central 1.3/2.0
America Dad-Adult Swim .9/1.8
Ink Master-Spike .8/1.5

Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
MLB Baseball-TBS 239,097
Sons of Anarchy-FX 91,027
The Bad Girls Club-Oxygen
Catfish: The TV Show-MTV 58,078
NHL Hockey- NBC Sports 55,824

What a crazy good, crazy juicy episode of Survivor. Didn't expect it to get so intense this early on in the game. First off, I'm totally baffled by the weather on Survivor this season. Colton was wearing layers at the same time that Aras was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. All the women of Tadhana's headlights were on in one scene but the guys were still wearing next to nothing. Is it hot or cold? During the Redemption duel, Jeff said it was 114 degrees. Huh? Jeff and I were both disgusted with Colton's behavior. Within the first 6 minutes of the show, Colton broke down in tears and quit the game because his team wouldn't play his way.Wahhhhhh! Jeff was so angry, he even revealed that Colton's appendicitis incident in the last game he played was bogus...I KNEW IT! What was even more bizarre was Colton's boyfriend's reaction. No reaction. Hugged him, said I love you and then said goodbye. Whatever dude. There are a ton of people DYING to play the game, Colton ruined it for them twice. Candice and Marissa won the duel and Tyson's wife Rachel went home. Didn't we love Gervaise all the other times he's played the game? Why does he bug the bleep out of me now? Candice's win got John the second immunity idol clue which he sort of told Brad about, but he wouldn't let Brad look for it with him. Bad move bud. During the head to head sumo battle immunity/reward challenge it was the Mom's against the daughters and brother against brother. This spin on things is just really turning the game upside down. Hayden popped out Tyson's shoulder but he put it in a sling and hung in there. That's a real Survivor, Colton. Once Tadhana lost and knew they were going back to Tribal, Brad turned on John really fast. While he did get ultra aggressive to make the blind side go down, he himself almost became the target himself. In the end it was John sent to Redemption Island to make Marissa feel like a third wheel. At first I thought John and Candice would try to get their thing on but they both probably smell I discarded that idea. Next week, they'll go head to head at the duel which will be interesting. Great twist this season.

Back in the Game
Hate to say it, but this shows cute. I really like it and I SO didn't want to. A bit predictable and then not so much. Of course I knew the second that James Caan wouldn't let anyone in the secret bedroom that it was his dead wife's room and it was in perfect shape and not in disarray like he told Terry and Danny. I mean anyone who is a TV expert would know that. Of course, I knew that Terry would eventually end up working for Dick, the d*ck. What I didn't see coming was The Cannon's strategy for scaring the boys into staying in the batter's box...PRISON! Yep, he brought the boys to prison to have the criminals help him out and guess worked. Nobody's hitting the ball yet, but at least they're stayin in there and some are even swinging. Didn't appreciate The Cannon's pit stains...can we do something about that writers? Nobody likes to see anyone with embarrassing wet stains. Just sayin.

Modern Family
Another good one. That's 2 in a row. Gloria thought baby Joe was possessed with her families curse so she brought in a priest to perform some sort of exorcism or something. Cam was in charge of wedding planning and was torn between two florists: Floral & Hardy and Florist Gump. I don't know why I found that SO hilarious but I did. More hilarious was Jay's line about soccer. Gloria mentioned she had an uncle that fixes soccer games. Jay asked if "by fix you mean picking the ball up and throwing it down the field cause that's the only way to fix soccer". OMG that had all 3 of us hysterical (we hate soccer). Cam thought Lily's cat Larry had died and lied about it, but then Larry showed up. Cam came up with a crazy story that Larry's cat wife had died so they had to have a funeral. That was a bit nutty, but Mitchell getting stuck in the vent at the office because of his OCD was even more insane. Those two are definitely made for each other. Phil discovered an untapped client base in newly divorced woman. Unfortunately all the work with these women and their families was screwing up his own. Of course Claire to the rescue. I hate to say this, I actually can't believe I'm typing this, but Luke's teenage awkward growth spurt has made him pass Lily on the annoying meter for me. I can actually tolerate Lily on screen now, but Luke...not so much anymore. Sorry buddy. These years are tough.

Super Fun Night
I was out at the 4 minute mark

How GOOD is Nashville? Juliette Barnes was on Conan to promote her album and Conan held up an actual ALBUM...other than Baba Booey and his pieces of vinyl gang, whose out there buying actual albums anymore? Anyway, back to business. Rayna came home from the hospital after nearly dying and she was at a business meeting minutes later. Guess she's not worried about Obamacare. Her record company was bought out and now Oliver Hudson, playing a totally different guy than Adam on Rules of Engagement, is in charge. In addition to stealing his former castmates name, he stole Will from Rayna by threatening to out him. Jeff's not into Rayna's new stuff and he doesn 't seem in to Juliette at all. He's got the new hot young "music show winner" on his label covering Juliette's song and that REALLY pissed her off. I sense a major showdown on the horizon between the girls and Jeff. Should be super juicy. Deacon's bummin big time. The accident messed up his hand and he's in a pretty "woe is me" state, but then Scarlett yelled at him, Rayna called it off for good and he cut off his cast and started trying to play. OUCHHHHH. I love every single thing that Juliette wears. Did you catch that awesome white sweater? If I had that technology to click on it and buy it like they keep telling us we will, I'd have snapped that sucker up in a heartbeat.


-ABC's mediocre drama, Motive, has been renewed. I have no recollection of this show whatsoever do you? Without cheating...who starred in it? 5 bonus points.

-When Wilfred returns for its 4th and final season, it's moving over to FXX in case you're wondering. I don't think that there's any DVR out there that switches networks automatically, so if you have a Season Pass, you may need to reset it to make sure you don't miss an episode.

-Tonight is the season premiere of Scandal and normally I'd be ecstatic, but, it's up against Parenthood. I'm going to watch Scandal live and DVR Parenthood. I'll get up at the crack of dawn to watch Parenthood on Friday AM though...I promise.

Anyone not on the Scandal bandwagon . You should be. Breaking Bad is over and Scandal should be on your radar. ABC is running a review for all you newbies at 8 tonight and here 's a great cheat sheet to help.

Thursday's Trivia Question
: Name Hayden Panatierre's character from Heroes.

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