Compassion, Care and Drive: Lori Locke of WBD's Tenets of Leadership (Video)

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Lori Locke exudes positive energy. If you saw MFM's recently elected Board of Directors Chairperson on stage co-chairing the past two MFM Annual Conferences, you can sense her genuine care about the association, her dedication to her work at Warner Bros. Discovery, and her enthusiasm for life. It's these attributes and others that earned her a Gracies Leadership Award, for which she'll be honored alongside six other women on November 13 in New York. Here Locke talks about her longstanding career in media and entertainment, her mentorship and support of those she works with, and how MFM fulfills her desire to make the industry even stronger.

Locke joined WBD four and a half years ago – the beginning of an auspicious time for the company. She found herself working directly on the Warner Media merger and was subsequently named Chief Accounting Officer of the company. She has been running at 90 MPH ever since, managing a team of 500+ professionals around the globe. "What's most exciting about working in the media industry is its dynamic and ever-evolving nature," she said." It's not just about the numbers; it's about understanding and adapting to technological advancements, changing consumer behaviors and evolving revenue models."

She manages to balance a heavy workload with chairing MFM's board. She joined the association in 2016 on the recommendation of Gannett's Chief Financial Officer and got so much out of it that she raised her hand to join the board a few years ago. "I believe very strongly in the organization and in the networking it offers media finance professionals – and the education is unparalleled," said Locke. "Alot of companies work with us to make that happen, including the Big Four accounting firms, software makers, credit and collections agencies, and others."

"Whatever opportunities lay ahead of me, it will always be about giving back to our young professionals in finance," she concluded.

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