Connecting with Mom: How YouTube Helps in Moments of Need

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“YouTube reaches not only more 18-34 and but also 25-44 year-old females than any cable network in the U.S. on both desktop and mobile” according to an analysis Google had commissioned from Nielsen in February 2015. This finding added to our ongoing hunch that YouTube has become a destination for females out beyond just Millennials. As such, we had thought, “YouTube is becoming a core part of many moms’ daily routines and is positively impacting their lives.” So we decided to dig a little deeper and set out on a year-long research program to understand the role YouTube plays in the ever-evolving life of the modern mom. In this post, I will try to give you the topline.

So how exactly does YouTube, and online video in general, fit into their lives and decision-making process? To find out, we partnered with TNS and IPSOS and surveyed self-identifying moms ages 18-54 who watch videos online. We learned that 83% of moms are going online to find answers, and of those, three in five are watching online videos to get show-not-tell answers right in the moment.

Source: Google/TNS, Moms Audience Study, among 1,500 women ages 18-54 who watch videos online and have kids under the age of 18, April 2015.

We also learned that when it comes to YouTube, moms head there to watch videos with their children, but to also get some much coveted me-time and be entertained. They also use YouTube videos to find out how to do something and to get DIY inspiration. This presents a great opportunity for brands -- if they’re helpful and provide moms with the content they are looking for (help, product know-how, or even ideas). Here’s what else we learned:

What mom’s watching: Moms are tapping YouTube during their I-want-to-know, I-want-to-buy, I-want-to-do micro-moments. “I wanted to learn how to cook a steak. I went to YouTube to watch a video instead of just looking up a recipe because I wanted to know how they actually cooked it -- to see exactly what they are doing,” says Rique (one of the moms surveyed). She’s not alone: Of the moms surveyed that view videos on YouTube, 81% watch how-to content. In fact, moms were significantly more likely to watch how-to content than the average viewer.2

Moms tap YouTube videos for product research. Before making a specific product purchase, 58% of YouTube-watching moms surveyed agree they’re likely to search for videos about a certain product before making a purchase.2 And when it comes to watching a video to learn more about a product or service, 69% go to YouTube first.¹ Barrie, a 34-year-old mom, shared this: “When I was trying to figure out what kind of a stroller to buy, I went to YouTube. They had videos that showed how the strollers work -- how they open/close, how their seats move back and forth, how they go in and out of the car.” Brands can tap into this behavior by acting like a helpful next-door neighbor and providing useful content that answers moms’ questions.


Today’s mom regularly tackles a seemingly endless number of new questions and adventures. By showing empathy, entertaining, inspiring, and starting a conversation with moms, brands can become her helping hand.

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