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This week on Mindshare's Culture Vulture Live, Alexis Fragale talks about content hacking for cats!

A new website called Kittify turns all of your text and emails into cat puns. It’s easy: You just type in a sentence or two and the program turns your words into something more meow-appropriate.

For brands and marketers, this cat commentary is actually part of a larger cultural trend that we’ve been tracking around content hacking.

Today consumers have more control than ever before when it comes to media. They can swipe away the content they don’t want to see and hone in on the stuff they like. As a result, we’re seeing more and more content hacks pop up online. Things like the “K Blocker,” an extension that purges all Kardashian references from your iPhone. Or a Chrome extension called “Hey Girl,” which lets you change all the images on a webpage to pictures of Ryan Gosling.

We’re also seeing content hacking used for good. For example, one developer created a site that simulates how dyslexia can impact reading for some people. And one Swedish company created Fulfiltret, an app that replaces mean words that you’re about to text with nicer ones.

For brands, there’s a real opportunity to drive buzz and good will with consumers through playful content hacks whether they be Chrome extensions or a play on a past advertising campaign.

Plus, if we’re talking about content hacking and cats, then we’d be remiss not to mention the new campaign we worked on with Jaguar: Check out #UnleashTheCats, which went wide on Tuesday.

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