Creativity Drives dentsu good -- One Story at a Time (Video)

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Doing good is not only good for your purpose journey, it is also a key driver of profitable growth. We have seen a number of players in the advertising ecosystem commit to purpose-driven marketing that aims to hit the trifecta -- people, profit and planet. Simmy Bhargava, Content Director at dentsu good, explains in this episode of "Storytelling Revolution" that she and her team are dedicated to social impact, with the vision to create a better and more sustainable world for everyone. The group believes in the premise that "when belief meets behavior, a kinder connectivity is formed."

dentsu good operates as a Sustainability Accelerator, elevating brands with powerful campaigns while shining a light on diversity-owned businesses. Bhargava speaks about how this is delivered through core offerings in marketing, ecosystems, products, services and transformation. An example that she delves into is an exciting new audio series, hosted by Gia Peppers, entitled "More Than That," which elevates conversations impacting and inspiring Black America. Bhargava highlights how this series was "created for Black audiences and produced and distributed exclusively by underrepresented businesses. The series aims to address the inequities in the advertising supply chain by providing a platform for advertisers to engage consumers through entertaining and informative content."

Watch the video above for a very engaging conversation on how creativity, social media and purpose are having a positive impact in the world -- powered by dentsu good.

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