The answer to Wednesday's Dead or Alive Trivia Question: Abe Vigoda is very much alive

FIRST FIVES: Elke Raskob, Lance Beitler, Gerald Piscopo, Bobby Aguilera, & Jim Wall

The answer to Wednesday's NBA Trivia Question: The Boston Celtics have won 17 Championships!

FIRST FIVES: Gerald Piscopo, Bobby Aguilera, Jim Wall, Neil Moffatt, & David Gorin

Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5






Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

NBA FINALS (CFF)-ABC 2,932,172


FUTBOL-Telemundo 28,004



Tuesday's Cable Top 5

TEEN MOM-MTV 1.8/3.2


TOSH.O-Comedy Central 1.2/2.0


DEADLIEST CATCH-Discovery 1.2/2.6

Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5


EURO 2012 SOCCER-ESPN 285,142

TEEN MOM-MTV 148,178

EURO 2012 SOCCER-ESPN 139,066

DANCE MOMS-Lifetime 88,623

-Last night I was out late watching my son's baseball playoff game. It didn't end well, but let's not go there, just wanted you to know why I watched so little...

-Prior to the game, I did catch ESPN's Jesse Palmer co-host with Kelly on LIVE WITH KELLY. Jesse and his huge hands were back. He always does a great job when he co-hosts. He's good to look at and he dresses pretty well too, so all in all...enjoyable. Oh...Kelly looked good too yesterday.

-BETHENNY's 3rd episode... much much better. I still think that having a bartender blatantly serving nothing but Skinny Girl products at 11am is a bit much and there is still this quick bouncing from one topic to another, but that's what a 6 week test is all about... improving. Kudos to Bethenny's stylist who should go help out on LIVE WITH KELLY. Bethenny's hair, makeup and clothes are all perfect. I have no complaints at all on that front. I could live without all of the dancing these days. First ELLEN, then KELLY and now BETHENNY...ELLEN's the only one I will allow to continue, since she invented it. I know I sound like the Reverend from Footloose, but no more dancing TV talk show hosts...just walk out say hi and sit down!

-It was late, 10:15, when we got home, but my husband and I did watch DALLAS and it is GOOD! JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen, Ray, & Lucy...all back along with the same theme song and pretty much, the same opening credits we all remember. With the exception of some CRAZY eyebrow issues on both JR & Bobby, all of the older Ewings look pretty good, but it's the younger Ewings that are really what you want to look at now. Jesse Metcalf plays Bobby's son, Chris Ewing and Josh Henderson plays JR's son, John Ross. Lots of shirtless moments, lots of drama and lots of twists, turns and back stabbing and that was just episode 1. Here's the gist...JR is in some sort of catatonic depression which was, a little hard to believe. Bobby is diagnosed with cancer in the first 5 minutes of the show. The Ewings are still rich and they all still seem to still live on Southfork which has changed a little bit in 21 years. (not sure if I saw a flat screen, but the kitchen has definitely been updated) Chris Ewing has been away in China working on alternative energy and of course he's the good guy. He comes home with a hot, fiancé, who has a distracting scar on her forehead. John Ross Ewing, the bad buy (of course) has been living on the ranch and has secretly discovered oil. He is also sleeping with Chris's ex, the very beautiful Jordana Brewster. When Bobby tells everyone he wants to sell Southfork, John Ross shows Bobby the well and Bobby goes nuts saying he will honor his Mommy's wishes to never drill on Southfork. John Ross, who NEVER visits his catatonic, Dad, JR (the eyebrows probably give him nightmares) shows up to tell JR what's going on which snaps him out of his zombie like state and right back into the JR we all love to hate...I have to admit...I'm surprised at how good the show is and can't wait till the next one!

-Congrats to Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants for pitching the 22nd perfect game in MLB history...sorry I missed it.


  • Game 6 was the most-watched game of the 2012 Stanley Cup Final with 4.93 million viewers.
  • In Los Angeles, the Stanley Cup Final delivered a 13.6 household rating, the highest local rating ever in the market for a NHL playoff game on broadcast television on record (since 1976).
  • In New York, Game 1 received a 5.1, the highest local rating in the market since 2003 for a NHL playoff game on broadcast television (10.1/Anaheim-New Jersey Game 7/ABC).
  • For the entire series, NBC and NBC Sports Network combined to average 3.01 million viewers, down from last year's 4.57 million average.


  • The 6.9 adults 18-49 rating was up 6% vs. game 1 last season
  • The average viewership of 16.2 million was up 7%.
  • Let's see what happens as the series continues.

-Showtime, has finally cancelled a longtime favorite of mine, WEEDS. The upcoming season will be its last. Honestly, I love WEEDS, but it should have been cancelled a few seasons ago. Let's hope this season brings us full circle and back to where it all started...selling weed!

-CBS completed its upfront and reportedly took in less money than the previous season, but met its goal of netting the highest price increases among the other networks with a +8-9% CPM increase.

-ABC completed its upfront with flat volume and price increases of +6-7%

-If you're a big CBS viewer, you can go to and vote for the CBS FAN AWARDS. Fans can vote on their favorite CBS moments of the past season. Not sure when and where the winners will be revealed, but it's a fun thing to do if you're into that sort of thing and have time on your hands.

Thursday's Dead or Alive Trivia Question: Hugh Downs...Dead or Alive?

Thursday's NBA Trivia Question: What team has lost the most NBA finals?