Davos, Decentralized: Join Us at FQ's First Equality Lounge® in Decentraland

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Last month, we announced that FQ is bringing our movement to the metaverse, taking steps to ensure that women are at the forefront of Web3 and play a leading role in architecting what the future of work and social connection will look like.

Since then, we've been working hard to build our very first FQ headquarters in the metaverse, led by metaverse studio Banquet labs and incredible architect, Tangpoko. We're thrilled to share that our space is ready to welcome you — and just in time for Davos 2022! While some of the FQ team will be IRL in Switzerland bringing the Equality Lounge® to this year's World Economic Forum, we will also be hosting a twin Lounge in Decentraland, a 3D virtual reality platform, powered by blockchain technology.

We're calling it…. Davos, decentralized.

(Consider this your official invitation to join us! More on how to attend below.)

Why bring our Equality Lounge @ Davos to Decentraland? For one, having a "twin experience" — what we call an event that takes place IRL and IVL — allows more people to attend what has historically been an exclusive event, furthering our mission for equality and inclusivity. There are no "badges" required to attend our Lounge in Decentraland. You don't need to be an executive at a large global company to gain a seat at the table — you can just be you.

Just as we're intentional about bringing our FQ experience to the metaverse, we're also intentional about kicking it off in Decentraland. Both FQ & DCL believe in the power of community and that individuals can and should play a role in changing the equation and creating equitable systems in the next digital era. From its immersive art galleries to its intimate live music shows, there are ample (and growing) opportunities for coders, 3D modelers, marketing and branding creatives, digital artists, community managers and more to carve a niche for themselves and make connections they wouldn't be able to IRL.

So, with that, we'd love to invite you to our first ever Equality Lounge® in Decentraland on May 24-25! By attending, you can expect to:

  • Celebrate the grand opening of FQ's HQ in the metaverse
  • Gain unprecedented access to our IRL Davos programming, which includes panels on a range of topics like how sustainable business models can create global impact, why women leaders need to spearhead new working models, and why it's good for the economy and society to have more women leaders in tech.
  • Enjoy a live musical performance
  • Connect with like-minded people who are passionate about putting women at the forefront of Web3 and welcome a new wave of community members to our hub!

We hope to see you there! Keep your eyes on our social channels early next week for our Decentraland coordinates.

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