DeepIntent Widens Its Offerings to Healthcare Marketers With Patient Planner

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DeepIntent, a demand side platform (DSP) for healthcare marketers, is expanding its solutions with a new campaign planning tool called Patient Planner. The new solution is the first of its kind to unify medical and pharmacy claims within a healthcare DSP. For the past three years, DeepIntent has enabled clients to build campaigns to reach healthcare professionals (HCPs) with its HCP Planner solution. So Patient Planner widens the scope for marketers, and it allows for rapid execution.

"Between media fragmentation, different platforms and partners, media agencies have faced many challenges [when trying to reach patients], and the process would take them a long time," DeepIntent's Chief Marketing Officer, Marcella Milliet Sciorra, said. "They also do not have the depth of clinical and demographic data that we have. Now, we're putting the power of our media tools and data in their hands."

Patient Planner was designed to help clients reach patient audiences who might be interested in treatments, medication, providers or procedures. To date, high-quality data on patients has been expensive and difficult to acquire, Milliet Sciorra explained. "A process that would take weeks or days now can be done in a few clicks," she added.

Patient Planner allows users to create custom audiences by segmenting for diagnosis, drug, procedure, demographics and geography. Users can also compare how their target audiences watch linear TV and connected TV (CTV), and where there is overlap. With that information in hand, they can decide where to spend their dollars and preview campaign effectiveness by media type and publisher.

Once marketers plan their patient audiences, DeepIntent's DSP serves the ads to the intended digital outlets. Clients can track analytics and make adjustments to the plan in real time, rather than waiting for a campaign to conclude and studying the results afterward.

Patient Planner combines anonymous viewership data from more than 30 million LG smart TVs along with clinical and prescription data. In keeping with security and privacy regulations, DeepIntent does not have data on individual patients, and it does not serve ads to individuals. Milliet Sciorra said Patient Planner complies with all rules and regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Its data is certified and verified.

After about a year in development, DeepIntent launched Patient Planner last year in beta testing with several media partners, including Havas Media North America, Klick Health and Fingerpaint.

Milliet Sciorra said that early users report the tool is saving time and streamlining the buying process. Clients agree. "Now, we can quickly and easily quantify CTV opportunities for our clients, based on clinically relevant patient reach, and make more data-driven decisions about our media mix and video investment strategy," said Klick Health's Vice President of Programmatic, Kristy Quagliariello.

"It allows us to size and segment our patient market based on campaign-specific claims codes, demographics, media consumption habits and more," added Fingerpaint's Senior Vice President of Media Strategy, Shied Karvar. "The speed to insight helps us better create and execute personalized media strategies across patient types, channels and devices."

After initial users shared their feedback, Milliet Sciorra said DeepIntent made some adjustments to improve the platform, including refining the portal and renaming some functions. As more clients sign on, it will integrate their feedback into the tool's functions and design.

Next year, Milliet Sciorra said the company plans to add Patient Planner features to HCP Planner -- the company's tool to target ads to physicians -- and relaunch that solution. Once Patient Planner and the revamped HCP Planner are live, she said media agencies will be able to use them in tandem to increase their reach, return on investment and efficiency.

"We will be able to allow marketers to seamlessly plan integrated campaigns in one dashboard," Milliet Sciorra concluded.

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