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Anyone remember EPMD? They were the groundbreaking rap pioneers whose name was an acronym for "Erick and Parrish Making Dollars" (read about them on the Wikipedia here - All their music was about business and making money one way or another, so this issue of the Digital Influentials is dedicated to them as we uncover ways to make a little extra money (and maybe a little music, too)! Of course, the funny thing about this issue is there are so few companies online that can make money by making music. Ironic, isn't it? Well, let's get to it, because it's "strictly business."

Do you want to make a little extra cash? If you have some free time check out FIVERR ( Fiverr is the place to make $5 at a time. It's pretty simple; post what you can do or review what people are looking for and the micro-payments can start rolling in; "business as usual" style. People will do just about anything; create flyers, record videos, animate your Flash ads, and even post a positive review of your site. Seems easy, and the price is right!

Maybe $5 just isn't enough? Maybe you want to have recurring payments on your site? Then look no further than CHARGIFY ( Chargify is a one-stop-shop for creating monthly, recurring bills from you to your clients. It mostly appears applicable to Web 2.0 companies that can charge for ongoing services, but a little ingenuity and you can create recurring payments for anything! Imagine a recurring $5 payment for posting a positive review of your site every month! Or, just maybe, people will pay you $10 a month to be part of your posse? That would be dope, yo.

Of course, if they're going to pay to be part of your posse you'll have to give them some content to read. Say hello to GROGGER ( Grogger is a tool for crowd-sourcing content for your blog (filling in the holes left by your "unfinished business"). If you want more content and/or you're tired of trying to write it all yourself, work with Grogger to get loads of appropriate material. They help put you in touch with writers who'll be happy to create content for you in a competitive environment where only the best rises to the top!

Of course, if all your content is on Facebook and your photos dominate it, then you need to find a way to create something to leave behind that's not digital. Check out PIXABLE ( Pixable allows you to create printable photo-books of your Facebook photos and share them for the world to see! You can create calendars too! They make money when you package up your memories for others to see (I wonder if Erick and Parrish have many pictures on Facebook).

Maybe your posse "Gots To Chill," so why not let them play some games on your site and you can make money – meet HEYZAP ( HeyZap helps you put Flash games on your site and make money. The games generate revenue via ads and/or virtual goods, so sign up, get engaged and start making some extra cash the old-fashioned way - by earning it playing games!

Now – what's going on with the iPhone apps this week (and how can I get into some music)?

ATTIC is a cool app that allows you to surface older, un-played content from your iTunes library (you know, like the old "Business Never Personal" album). If you're on a trip and want to create little 3-song blocks of your favorite artists, check out TRIPMIX (maybe some Redman will make you feel better). Of course, you could always create your own music with THUMBJAM and rock the party (especially since you made all that money on Fiverr).

Well, that's it for now. "I'm Housin" my way home - Have a great week everyone!

Cory Treffiletti is President and Managing Partner for Catalyst SF. Cory has been a thought leader in interactive marketing and advertising since 1995. Cory can be contacted at

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