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This issue of the Digital Influentials is dedicated to that one common denominator which unites us all! It's the single, solitary, unifying factor that brings us all together, regardless of race, religion or appetite. It's all about food!!

No matter what the state of the economy or the temperature or the state of international politics (which I can almost assuredly say is never a fun topic), people gotta eat! Surprisingly the food category is one that is generating lots of innovations in the digital space, so this issue we decided to highlight the various sites and services we discovered that either helped us save money or discover new ways to prep and eat food!

Foodies and average joe's alike go to the web in droves to search for everything food related. From "what to make for dinner" to a "gourmet meal for 25 people" you can find just about everything. There are articles, videos, pictures (some refer to this as food porn), blogs and more that can help you turn on your cravings and satisfy your tastes. Grocery shopping is a booming category as more data shows that consumers go to the web to prep their grocery lists and research their meals for the week. Let's dive into some of what we found on our wild and wonderful route through the week!

Looking for a recipe that will twist your ears back and set your nose on fire? Then look no further than YUMMLY ( Yummly is a next generation recipe search engine that catalogs more recipes than you could ever possibly imagine cooking, and people who know and love food created the site! They know the ingredients and they know what you mean to do with them, so check 'em out!

When was the last time you were stuck in the store not knowing which product to buy? It was probably yesterday, but if AISLEBUYER ( has its way it'll never happen again! Aisle Buyer allows consumers to scan barcodes while in the store and unlock product reviews and information right while they're in the store. You can even go that extra mile and buy from your phone, without waiting in line! Sounds like science fiction, doesn't it?

Want to watch videos of your favorite cooking personalities, but you don't want to watch TV? Then check out IN YOUR KITCHEN ( It's video after video of succulent morsels being prepared by inquisitive culinary professionals! These folks love what they do and they want to do it for you, so take your laptop into the kitchen and cook with the best!

Sometimes the best place for foodies online is where they can check out the best pictures of food, so when you're finished perusing your food porn with Flickr and PhotoBucket, check out PINTEREST ( Pinterest is a social image-tagging site that allows users to "pin" a picture from any page of the web to their pinboard. Some of the most beautiful pages are the ones dedicated to food. Check out the pictures of cupcakes and pasta dishes and you'll leave with your mouth watering and your eyes drooling (yes – I got that backwards on purpose).

Maybe you don't have enough time to watch a show or peruse pictures? Then look in your inbox for TASTING TABLE ( Tasting Table is a free daily email dedicated to the best in dining, cooking and drinking. It's focused on a few select areas, but chances are high that if you're reading this email, you're covered!

As for the Apple-related world of iPhones and iPads (because who better than a company named after a tasty, healthy snack), check out the EPICURIOUS app for recipes and cooking suggestions, or check out any of the shopping planner tools like GROCERY IQ, SHOPPERorGREEN GROCER. All of them will save you time, money, or both!

That's it for this week. I have to close up the laptop and get me a snack. My tummy is grumbling something fierce! Have a great week!!

Cory Treffiletti is President and Managing Partner for Catalyst SF. Cory has been a thought leader in interactive marketing and advertising since 1995. Cory can be contacted at

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