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This week I decided to try something different; rename the Round Up and embrace the influential nature of this medium by using our header name for The Digital Influentials. Other people can profess to "round up" content, and many of them do, but only this column can profess to be "influential" about new digital tools and services!

This week's column is targeted to you; the reader in a business environment. I focused my attention on the tools and toys that might make your day just a little bit more interesting. Hopefully this article influences you to check out a new site, or send a new site to me so we can review it and see if it's worthy of sharing. After all, the Digital Influentials column is not about me, it's about the whole community influencing each other!

For all you budding novelists, both business and personal alike, check out MYeBOOK( All you need is a little bit of content, a little bit of time, and you can write your very own "work of art". For years we've seen micro-publishing emerge and self publishing take off, and this service marries together the two in a tight little digital package! It's used a lot for comics and lighter publishing, but why not use it for your very own marketing handbook!

If you're an iPhone aficionado or a marketing maven, APPSFIRE ( can provide you with insights into both. From the consumer perspective you can find the apps best suited to your lifestyle. From a marketing perspective you can not only gain insights into your competition, but you can also gain insights into how your target uses the iPhone. Create and install your own little application recommendation engine!

Late last week I was sent an interesting site and at first I wasn't sure of the application, but once you play with WORDLE ( you'll find a number of uses for their word clouds. Create one around your whitepapers or your eBook from above. Use them as a quick means of conveying and highlighting the topic of your article (I should probably use it for this piece). It's a graphical way of conveying a text-based idea, and it provides a welcome distraction for the day.

If you're a microblogger or a social networking enthusiast, you should check out LEXY ( Lexy provides a tool called Quikcasting and you can share audio snippets with people much like you do with text on Twitter. Create them and post them on the fly, or follow the news and/or other pundits yourself. It's an exciting complement to Twitter and Facebook and could be the wave of the mobile future (I met with them the other day and am officially drinking the Kool-Aid, so to speak).

As for the iPhone apps…if you're stressed at work or tired of the monotony, check out the LIVE HAPPY APP ( as a way to make yourself feel better! You can also play WORLD CUP PING PONG to let off some steam or just watch TV on the TV.COM app.

Thanks again for reading and enjoy the rest of the week! And don't forget to be Influential!!

Cory Treffiletti is President and Managing Partner for Catalyst SF. Cory has been a thought leader in interactive marketing and advertising since 1995. Cory can be contacted at

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