Discovery, Inc. Selects EDO as Preferred Behavioral Measurement Partner

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Discovery, Inc., the global leader in real life entertainment, and EDO, Inc., the data, measurement and analytics company, today announced a new partnership that will employ the core competencies of both organizations to emphasize the power of TV advertising in achieving clients' business objectives.

By utilizing EDO's Ad EnGage offering, Discovery can measure consumer interest and intent with proprietary data measurement tools that focus on search activity following a TV advertisement. The data will be leveraged during the 2022/23 Upfront season across Discovery's portfolio of trusted brands.

"Offering clients reliable and predictive behavioral measurement data is the linchpin of Discovery's advanced advertising solutions, and this partnership with EDO allows us to build upon that and emphasize our influence on consumer habits," said Jon Steinlauf, Chief U.S. Ad Sales Officer, Discovery. "EDO is a trusted and strategic data insights partner offering solutions that will supplement Discovery's already impressive measurement toolkit that provides clients with an unmatched ability to understand their audience."

"The era of single-currency television advertising is over and marketers must now use multiple premium video currencies to determine the effectiveness and value of their ads," said Kevin Krim, President and CEO, EDO. "By leveraging our actionable data and insights during the 2022 upfronts, Discovery is in a great position to create optimized plans and drive impact for their advertisers across the rich and diverse Discovery programming portfolio."

Discovery consistently delivers the most engaging programs for advertisers, according to EDO data. In 2021, Discovery held seven of the top 10 positions on EDO's ranking of the most engaging entertainment programs in primetime cable. More than half (60) of the top 100 programs aired on Discovery's networks.

Within the Discovery Engage advanced advertising platform, EDO's Search Engagement data will be used as a key input to inform and optimize media plans for Discovery advertisers, as well as a critical performance measure of behavioral advertising impact. This is increasingly important as more buyers and sellers turn to EDO for actionable data that empowers them to plan and optimize beyond basic demographic targets or audience segments. For example, a major wireless telecom advertiser that executed a data-driven media plan through the Discovery Engage platform in Q3 2021 experienced 22% higher Search Engagement as compared to its cable average.

Discovery will also use EDO data to showcase the value of its Discovery Premiere sales package, which empowers brands to exclusively advertise in a carefully curated mix of premiere episodes. Notable advertisers, including Capital One, Expedia, Kia, Lowe's and Panera Bread, ran Discovery Premiere Primetime schedules in the second half of 2021 and experienced over 25% higher Search Engagement than their individual primetime broadcast and cable averages.

Additionally, EDO's always on, real-time and fully syndicated behavioral data set will provide key performance measures of branded short-form custom content, sponsorships and integrations across Discovery's networks.

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