Dotdash Meredith's NewFront Event Showcased Superbrand Opportunities for Advertisers

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Digital nonfiction media organization Dotdash Meredith held its virtual Digital Content NewFront presentation on Thursday. This was the company's first NewFront or Upfront showcase since Dotdash and Meredith's non-broadcast station assets came together through a $2.7 billion merger last fall.

The Big Message: Consider this company at the top of the Internet's lifestyle superbrand crowd, with more than 50 Web destinations seen by 200 million people nationwide on a regular basis. The gamut of places to catch popular editorial and video content runs from iconic brands such as Better Homes & Gardens, People and InStyle to Verywell, Serious Eats and other Internet sites launched over the last decade or so.

Host: Alysia Borsa, Dotdash Meredith's Chief Business Officer and President of Lifestyle.

What Worked:Individual segments devoted to each of the company's nonfiction genres -- food, home, entertainment and pop culture, beauty, health and travel. Each segment had its own Dotdash Meredith guide to address viewers on the current video series playing on the sites they supervise. Several segments included information on podcast series or specials featuring the company's editorial writers, experts and contributors.

What Also Worked: Rapid eye-pleasing clips from current video series. Taken together, a great representative panorama of where advertisers can participate with commercials, sponsorship of segments on a specific topic, and product demonstrations.

What Didn't Work: The absence of information on what's new and ahead for Dotdash Meredith's digital initiatives throughout the rest of 2022 and beyond. This 15-minute display I mention above was well-balanced and engaging, but it concluded without even a hint of what's in development. Example: with all the NewFront buzz around creating new smart TV/multichannel bundle-carried linear or on-demand services, there was no commentary from any on-camera presenter about the subject. A key objective of any Upfront/Newfront presentation is to clearly deliver specifics about the content coming soon to consumers everywhere. That objective was missed by a mile.

Bonus Points: Offering a segment about Dotdash Meredith's ongoing campaign to present a variety of editorial and video material directed at communities of color and LGBT+ audiences. One diversity practice: the establishment of a diverse peer review board that addresses various editorial decisions.

Parting Words: "Consumers want content that combines inspiration and practicality." -- Alysia Borsa, Dotdash Meredith's Chief Business Officer and President of Lifestyle

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