Monday, January 6, 2014

December's Trivia Contest winner was Karen Feldman. Congrats Karen!

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Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 5.3/18.9 WOW!!!
The Millers-CBS 2.9/11.5
Two and a Half Men-CBS 2.1/8.5
The Crazy Ones-CBS 2.0/8.2
Elementary-CBS 1.8/8.9

Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

The Vampire Diaries-CW 32,502
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 22,012
Glee-FOX 13,398
Parenthood-NBC 7,169
Parks & Rec-NBC 4,193

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Sugar Bowl-ESPN 5.2/16.3
Pawn Stars-History 1.3/3.9
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.2/2.7
Law & Order SVU-USA .9/2.6
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.0/2.1

Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
Mob Wives-VH1 36,329
Impact Wrestling-Spike 25,742
Impractical Jokers-Tru 19,162
Piers Morgan Live-CNN 11,032
Rodeo Girls-A&E 4,282

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings

Community- NBC 41,300 Tweets
Mob Wives-VH1 39,100 Tweets
Impractical Jokers-Tru 17,000 Tweets
Ridiculousness-MTV 14,000 Tweets
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 11,100 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
College Football-FOX 1.9/7.2
20/20-ABC 1.5/6.0
Dateline-NBC 1.5/7.8
Grimm-NBC 1.4/5.6
Shark Tank-NBC 1.4/5.2

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
The Carrie Diaries-CW 18,431
Grimm-NBC 9,962
Dateline-NBC 3,942
Shark Tank-ABC 2,926
Santa Diabla-Telemundo 2,349

Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
WWE Smackdown-Syfy 53,537
Piers Morgan Live-CNN 12,822
Say Yest to the Dress: Atlanta-TLC 5,979
Anderson Cooper-CNN 4,297
Ghost Adventures-Travel 3,199

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings

WWE Smackdown-Syfy 34,200 Tweets
The Carrie Diaries-CW 12,800 Tweets
Oprah's Lifeclass-OWN 4,300 Tweets
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta-TLC 3,900 Tweets
Something Borrowed-TLC 1,600 Tweets

Early Morning News Ratings for the Week of 12/16/13-12/20/13

GMA 1.8/2.2

Today Show 1.8/2.2

CBS This Morning .9/1.1

We didn't go anywhere during the Christmas break. "Staycation" is what we call it and while I did enjoy my family and not having to drive 84 miles to and from Basking Ridge NJ every day, I gotta admit, I got a little bored. Sure I visited some friends, went out to eat, cleaned stuff out, and did some shopping, I also Watched WAY Too Much. Here's the list of what I watched:


12 Years a Slave -- A disturbing true story about slavery. Nothing we haven't seen before, but still painful to watch. Great performances and a surprise cameo by one of the film’s producers. I won't ruin it for you though.

A Little Help -- Not worth seeing.

American Hustle -- Acting was amazing, story a bit confusing, but based on a true story. Definitely see it.

August Osage County -- THE most depressing movie ever. Meryl Streep rules no matter what and Julia Roberts looked like she was preggers but she wasn't so not sure what was up there.

Blue Jasmine -- Cate Blanchett did some nice work, good to see Andrew Dice Clay in something interesting like this. Alec Baldwin's always good and Bobby Canavale's hair bugged me. Story's typical Woody Allen.

Captain Phillips -- Great movie, also based on a true story. My husband told me the Captain wasn't really as good of a guy as they portrayed him to be. I guess it's hard to root against Tom Hanks so they had to change it up a bit.

Dallas Buyers Club -- Matthew McConaghey and Jared Leto were crazy skinny and did a great job but the movie was WAY too depressing. Both guys had AIDS; need I say more? Oh, yeah...also based on a true story.

Don Jon -- I loved this movie. I'm into Joseph Gordon Levitt these days. Def don't watch with kids around. The whole movie's about a guy addicted to porn, but it's a good one to check out if you're bored and you like JGL. I'm sure it's kinda based on someone’s true story...LOL!

Frances Ha -- HATED IT but watched the entire thing. It's the movie version of “Girls” which I also hate and continue to watch every week.

Gravity -- Take a Xanax but watch it anyway.

Her -- I didn't love it, I didn't hate. It was very strange and a hard concept to grasp for me, but it was thought provoking and interesting. I'm STILL thinking about it so that must mean something. Joaquin Phoenix's Charles Ingalls’ pants and mustache also distracted me a bit.

Philomena -- I loved this movie and thought Judi Densch was amazing. Another one based on a true story. Depressing and sad but I'd still recommend it.

Prisoners -- Pretty intense thriller starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhall and -- based on a true story! I was on the edge of my seat. Well, actually the edge of my couch but you know what I mean.

Sellebrity – A great documentary about the business of the paparazzi. Lots of celebs including Jennifer Anniston, Kid Rock, and Marc Anthony and JLo before their divorce. It's on Showtime right now.

The Butler -- Felt more like a TV Movie of the Week to me but still pretty good. Oprah's in it and Forest Whitaker's always good. Based on another true story. Seems to be the big time trend this year.

The Way Way Back -- A hidden gem starring Steve Carrell and Toni Colette. Sam Rockwell steals the screen. Loved this one.

The Wolf of Wall Street -- At this point, this is my fave. It's REALLY LONG so have your snacks and beverages and bathroom breaks planned accordingly. True story about a real guy named Jordan Belfort. Google him. Watch the videos -- he's nuts! Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill will def get nominated. Scorsese too. Reminded me a lot of “Goodfellas,” but a Wall Street version. Def see it.


The Good Wife (Last 10 episodes of Season 4 and first 10 episodes of Season 5) Soooo, I know, I know, “The Good Wife” is a legal show and I don't watch legal shows. I've been sneaking this one for a while. I watched Seasons 1-3 and half of Season 4 a while ago. I kept hearing that Season 4 lost its way so never went back to finish but now everyone's talking about how great Season 5 is and I totally agree. I even liked the rest of Season 4. Of course this show is on Sunday nights which SUCKS, but now I'm going to do my best to fit it in and keep up. You guys are's too good not to and Julianna Marguiles has grown on me. To be honest it's Christine Baranski and Josh Charles and Matt Czuchry that I love even more than her. Do you remember who Matt played on “Gilmore Girls?” Name the character for five bonus points.

The Returned (Season 1 -- 8 episodes) This show's getting tons of press. Someone I work with told me to check it out and I watched a few eps and told you guys to do the same. I watched all eight and hated it. It's not my thing. Too weird, too scary and I'm not going back when it returns. ABC's midseason show, Resurrection sounds like it's similar but it's not supposed to be as weird or as scary so I may check that one out when it premieres. In this show, all of these dead people just "return" to their lives and crazy things happen when they do. They don't look like zombies, it's not “The Walking Dead,” but it's still not for me. Anyone out there see it?

And now...back to my regularly scheduled blogging...

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry's back with the third season of Crackle’s “CiCGC” and nobody's happier than my husband and me. Now I'm watching on the big screen thanks to my Google Chromecast thing. The first episode of the new season's a long one -- 22 minutes which is the length of a regular sitcom sans commercials. This one featured Louis CK. I don't watch his show even though I think I should. I really like the guy. He lives downtown in what I think was the West Village and he has a boat docked at Chelsea Piers. Jerry and his bizarro sneakers boarded the boat, headed up the Hudson towards my place and anchored for some homemade espresso. Louis told Jerry a hilarious story about the first time his daughters were on the boat. Jerry must have loved it because he added animation to help bring the story even more to life and make it funnier than it already was. I loved the car Jerry chose for Louis. If you can tell me the name of it five bonus points. The camera angles in the car made Jerry look a little bit more horse like than usual, but I love the guy, love the show and SOOO happy it's back. Add it to the "Binge List."

Wow...ya know I knew there was something with Ray Romano's character on “Parenthood” but I wasn't sure what it was and then BAM...I got it and so did he! What an emotional scene between Hank and Sarah when he realized (and so did we) that maybe the reason he felt this connection to Max is because...HE IS MAX!!! He's an Aspergers adult. What an interesting twist, but one that TOTALLY makes sense. Plus, you knew there was something and you just couldn't put your finger on it. I'm betting we've all met someone like that. I know I have. LOVING Amy being back and Drew blowing off Natalie. Of course NOW Natalie wants Drew more than ever. Girls suck. I think it also sucks that I feel worse for Joel than I do for Julia. Julia was a big time lawyer, once she quit her job and swapped lives with Joel she fell apart. First thing she did was seek refuge in another guy? I don't know...I'm on Joel's side and he's not even a Braverman! Then of course we've got Zeek home alone for 3 weeks without Camille. He's out of cereal, milk's gone bad, no clean pants. What's a guy to do? Head to the diner and make a new friend. One thing I found a bit odd...the guy sure can type fast! He can't do laundry or make anything but cereal but he can type faster than me. WTF?

Downton Abbey
Once football was over for yesterday, there was nothing to watch until 9pm. I chose “Downton” over my FBFF's primetime special, “The Good Wife,” “Revenge” and “Betrayal.” Was there even a choice? We've all been in mourning all these months over Matthew's shocking death so I had to check in on Lady Mary and see how she was doing. Laura Linney's back, trumpets are back, The Viking Cruise people were back and new this season...Ralph Lauren. Whatever it takes to give me my Lords and Ladies...I'm good.

Okay so Mary and Mrs. Crawley were still in mourning over Matthew and wearing black. I think I am too. I mean are you guys over it yet? I'm not and now we lose Mrs. O'Brien too? Could that be forever? I gotta give these Brits credit for keeping secrets so well. Thomas was psyched that O'Brien split and the news travelled fast but Thomas hasn't changed at all. He didn't like Nanny West (no relation to North or Kanye) giving him orders, so he whispered into Lady Grantham's ear. But he was actually right, Nanny West was an abusive classist. How ironic. I hope Kanye was watching! All sorts of stuff with Matthew's heirs and ownership of Downton and who should be in charge. I couldn't believe Cora didn't mention the fact that Lord Grantham lost all of her money when he managed it. Did she forget? He might not be the best person to be 100% in charge of Matthew's money and the estate. Luckily, Mr. Carson (did we know his first name was Charlie? Should we all start calling him Chaz?), Tom and Granny were all on the same page and got Mary out of her funk and into the biz before the credits rolled. CHOOSE LIFE MARY!!! That's what Matthew would want! I don't think I could have taken a depressed, deluxe anorexic Mary too long. Plus she has such pretty clothes in all sorts of colors other than black, just ask Ralph! The entire story line with Moseby being broke and with Mrs. Crawley taking in Grigg was a little ridiculous don't you think? Okay so out of all of that, we learned that Mr. Bates and Anna are good savers and that some chick named Alice loved Chaz Carson but chose Grigg and now she's dead. Carson and Mrs. Hughes need to get to it already! Lady Edith's looking a lot better now that she's hitting the London social scene and hooking up (well not officially) with Gregson. He's even willing to move to Germany to get a divorce so he can marry Edith. But the biggest news of the night was the electric mixer that hit Mrs. Patmore's kitchen. She wants no part of it or she'll be out of a job, but Daisy loves the new mixer. So much so, she made a delicious mousse that even Granny loved. This is going to be trouble...I can feel it. Also trouble...young cousin Rose. You heard it here first. TROUBLE! Can't wait. Sound the trumpets, get Laura Linney...until next week!


You probably know most of this stuff already as some of it is technically old news, but here are the things I would've shared if I'd been blogging:

-I was already on break when my FBFF Jimmy Fallon and his BFF Justin Timberlake hosted “Saturday Night Live.” With the exception of the Ebenezer Scrooge thing and Justin's performances, the show was perfect. Probably the best one in a few years. If I offended any of you JT fans, sorry, but I thought he sucked. Let me qualify that. The two songs he chose to sing off the second new album sucked. Sorry JT I guess you can't be perfect all the time, especially when you have an album to sell. Anyway, the ratings were amazing. The show delivered a 3.9 A18-49 which was up 85% vs. a normal “SNL” number.

-Another number I wanted to share was the live plus seven “Sound of Music” number. The show delivered a 5.6 A18-49 with 21.8 million viewers. With the exception of sports, it was NBC's most watched Thursday night since the “Frasier” series finale in 2004. In total, 38.6 million viewers watched some of the telecast. When you add the 12/14 encore to it, the number's even nuttier...44.1 million viewers watched some of it. So what have we learned? Live, appointment, event programming (which can be defined many ways these days) is still a strong option and for advertisers worried about people skipping their spots, it's the smart move.

-Next big news was the Netflix inventory swaps effective 1/1/14. They got rid of a bunch of stuff but also added a bunch. Sort of bummed that they got rid of “SNL” from 2000-2009 and some pretty solid movie titles. They apparently did research though and got rid of what people weren't watching. I don't think they had any personal vendetta against “Mr. Bean” and “Seed of Chucky,” but who knows. If anyone wants the complete list of what's gone and what's new, let me know I'll send it to you. What I do know is that I'm actually defending and recommending Netflix these days. My, how times have changed. Reed Hastings has turned me into a fan who not only isn't angry at paying what I pay anymore but happy to do it. I'll watch good content anywhere and in 2013 Netflix kicked ass giving us “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.” Reed got a nice big 50% bonus too. Now he's making 6 million bucks a year! Can't wait to see what he does next, I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

-Have you heard this new ABC thing regarding online streaming? Starting today, ABC is limiting next day access of new episodes of their shows to paying subscribers of pay-TV affiliates and Hulu Plus. Prior to this, all ABC shows were available next day for free. Now, viewers without a subscription to pay-TV will have to wait a week to view the content. My suggestion...set your DVR for season passes!! You won't miss anything and you won't have to pay any more than you already do.

-I guess the bulk of Springsteen fans are 35-54 at this point, so pretty interesting and maybe smart marketing to align with The Good Wife to market Bruce's upcoming album. The show will feature three songs from Bruce's newest album prior to its debut on 1/14. A sneak preview of the songs followed the show last night and instructed viewers to visit to listen to the album in its entirety. The episode that features Bruce's songs airs 1/12. I haven't listened yet, but I'm planning on it.

-Over the break, Fresh Prince of Bel Air's James Avery passed away. RIP Uncle Phil!

-For anyone who's been dying to get on the Shameless, House of Lies or Episodes bandwagon, Showtime's going to run full season catch-up marathons of all three on 1/10. They already started this past weekend, so check ‘em out if you're interested. I don't watch “Shameless” or “House of Lies” but I love “Episodes.” The new season for all three premieres 1/12.

-E! cancelled “Tia & Tamera.” We sort of saw the writing on the wall when Style network became Esquire network but then Tia and Tamera reruns were running on E! Both of the girls/women have other projects so don't feel THAT bad for them. Tia's on “Instant Mom” on Nick at Nite and Tamera's co-hosting a new syndicated talk show called “The Real.” They'll be just fine.

Monday's Trivia Question: Name the law firms from “The Good Wife.” There are two now.

WWTM -Kristy

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