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CBS’s “Blue Bloods” centers on a multi-generational family of dedicated New York City cops and law enforcement professionals, while “The Good Wife” follows one woman’s transformation from politician’s wife to single mother and career woman after a high-profile scandal sends her husband to jail. Both offer compelling and engaging story lines, but for an auto manufacturer, the real concern is deciding which program will offer the best ad environment, and the best opportunity to connect with current and future customers. Fortunately, Media TRAnalytics® can help, by identifying the programs with high concentrations of likely auto purchasers, specific to each manufacturer.

The audience for “Blue Bloods” contains higher concentrations of Lincoln/Mercury, Buick, Chrysler/Dodge, Chevrolet/Geo, Ford and Pontiac owners. The audience for “The Good Wife” delivers higher concentrations of Lexus, Subaru, Mercedes and BMW owners. Insights like these can help steer your advertising plans, drive your message home with The Right Audience™ … and rev up showroom sales!

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