“DWTS”: The Story Behind David Ross’ Windy Rehearsal

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It was the blast heard from coast to coast -- one that will forever remain with Dancing with the Stars Season 24 contestant David Ross. The moment came courtesy of pro-partner Lindsay Arnold and was highlighted in the couple’s pre-dance rehearsal package for their sci-fi inspired salsa. As Arnold navigated an intricate move for the routine (a handstand culminating in a split right under Ross’ chin) she audibly tooted right in his face.  While most celebrities would be mortified in that situation the pro ballplayer took it in stride, crediting the moment as just one of the ways the couple ensures they have fun. She farts on me!” he told me, laughing.

“We've gotten so close to each other and I think even if we didn't want to have fun together, it would be impossible,” Arnold chimed in.  “We just have a great time together.”

According to Ross, Arnold is “an open, honest person” as proven by her “relaxed” nature around him, especially when the winds come.  Given his similar personality, neither has a lot to hide -- especially after that!

“First of all, I spend more time with this guy than I do with my own husband and I'm sure he can say the same [about time with his wife],” Arnold said.  “We are always together working hard which naturally makes you build a connection.  When you fart in somebody's face, it automatically makes you best friends.”

“I've dragged her all over the country so we're next to each other on planes and flying back and forth with my family,” Ross added.  “I feel like I have a fourth child in Lindsay so I'm going to put her on my taxes this year for sure.”  (Arnold and Ross are pictured below with DWTS host Tom Bergeron.)

For many actual couples the level of comfort required to completely let yourself go and pass gas around a partner is developed over time, but that’s not the case with Arnold.  “With my husband it was two weeks [into our relationship],” she recalled.  “I'm like, babe, just so you know, it's gonna happen so just be ready for it.”

“We're all human,” Ross offered.  “If you get grossed out about that, you're not being real with yourself. It made me laugh.  I was like, ‘please play that in the video package!’”

The only setback to Ross and Arnold’s breezy encounter was having to cancel a day of rehearsals.  “We couldn't even rehearse after that,” Arnold admitted.  “We were laughing and then trying to rehearse and just laughed and were like, ‘let’s just go home, we're done for the day.’”

Tonight Ross and Arnold enter week eight of the competition where, hopefully, he won’t again feel the wind in his hair.  One thing’s for sure – Ross is amazed to still be a part of the competition.  “I'm so shocked and so thankful to all the people that are voting for us,” he declared. “I'm so appreciative. I don't even have the words.

“This experience has changed me as a person,” he continued.  “It's changed my life, my family and I'm so thankful.  There are a lot of good dancers here and for me to be here … I'm having the time of my life.”

As for last weeks “lighter moment” with Arnold, Ross insists it’s one that will stay with him.  “I told her I'll never forget that moment for my entire life,” he laughed.  “I'm appreciative of it.”

David Ross and Lindsay Arnold’s journey on Dancing with the Stars continues tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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