ElastiCubes for Cross Platform Measurement? Interview with SiSense’s Amit Bendov – Charlene Weisler

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Amit Bendov has sold just about every type of consumer product in his career. Now, as CEO of SiSense, he is in the epicenter of the data market exchange, finding value in combining disparate data sets, modeling algorithms to gauge consumer behavior and taking action based on the strategic insights the data reveals. In this revealing interview, Bendov talks about his company SiSense, how they maximize the value and the uses of data, how agencies and networks use his data system and, looking ahead, how the media landscape may change over the next few years.

CW: What type of data do you have?

AB: What makes SiSense so unique is that we have all kinds of data – any kind of data that you have. There are some special applications for marketing and for media and we can focus on specific applications. But the real power comes from bringing together all of the available data from within a company; data from finance, data from marketing, sales, customer satisfaction, from external sources. This is a general purpose software that can connect any data that you have and can help you make smarter decisions based on integration of multiple data sources. It is revolutionary because before SiSense people had to spend a lot of time integrating multiple data sources and creating a coherent picture.

CW: I come from the world of television where the data sources are very silo’ed -- where you would have to commission a special data fusion. What enables you to seamlessly “de-silo” data?

AB: That is the power of the ElastiCubes technology that we have developed. It uses in-chip analytics which is a technical term for very high processing power that is strong enough that regular people who are not technical can marry those data sources together without worrying about performance, just by dragging and clicking and pointing to multiple data sources. It is as simple as that. Before SiSense you would have to write special code and software to integrate them which meant long projects and the problem just starts there. Once they are integrated they are very difficult to change. Let’s say that you have another data source or you need to change something – it is not something that ordinary folks can do. SiSense with the ElastiCubes technology provides a very flexible software that can add data sources on the fly.

(From the SiSense website: ElastiCubes allow you to bring in data from multiple sources, merge, manipulate and then query it as if it was one consolidated data set. One of the biggest advantages of ElastiCubes is the ability to easily mashup multiple data sources. … Once the data is inside the ElastiCube, it is all the same and every field coming from every table can be analyzed in the context of any other – quickly.)

CW: So my understanding is that you are platform agnostic. It doesn’t matter is the data is coming from TV or from radio or from mobile phone or from a sales database.

AB: It could come from the moon. It could come from Mars. It could come from a database. It could come from excel. If it is data, we can read it. It doesn’t matter what kind of data. It can marry weather information with consumer demographics with TV with marketing with finance. Any type of data in the world can be brought in and analyzed. That is the beauty of it -- it creates a standard platform for reporting that once you build it, it is very easy. You won’t look at it as separate systems anymore. It becomes a single source system that makes it very easy to produce analytical reports, dashboards and visualizations.

There are three videos in this interview that can be viewed at WeislerMedia.blogspot.com

Interview conducted by Charlene Weisler, Weisler Media LLC. She can be reached through herCharlene Weislerresearch blog www.WeislerMedia.blogspot.com or at WeislerMedia@yahoo.com. Full disclosure: Charlene hosts a street art blog on The Starry Eye blog community

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