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Are plain old ordinary ratings driving your ROI into the ground? Eliminate the wasteful spending that is inevitable with choosing media buys based on age and sex demographics. With TRA’s Media TRAnalytics®, advertisers are turning to Purchaser Rating Points™ to find The Right Audience™ for their products, that is, the people who will go out and purchase a product. This vital information allows advertisers to reallocate media spend and tailor the right message to the right audience, thus reducing waste while growing the business. In other words, improving ROI! As depicted in the chart below, Facial Tissue advertisers should note that of the top age/sex demo rated broadcast programs for the Week of Feb 21st only The Good Wife allows for opportunity to maximize exposure to heavy buyers of Facial Tissues. Knowing your opportunity is half the battle, doing something about it is the other half. Eliminate the tears of POOR results with Media TRAnalytics®.

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