Empowering Creativity and Ownership: Stephanie Crockett's Vision at Mower (Video)

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In a groundbreaking interview with Jack Myers for Legends & Leadership, Stephanie Crockett, President and CEO of Mower, shares her inspiring journey and the innovative strides made under her leadership. Mower, a 55-year-old independent advertising agency, recently transitioned into a 100% employee-owned entity, marking a significant shift in its operational dynamics and corporate culture.

"Becoming a hundred percent employee-owned was a wonderful way to maintain our independence," Stephanie asserts. This strategic move, initiated by founder Eric Mower, was more than a business decision; it was a testament to the agency's commitment to its employees. Stephanie explains, "Every single year, there is a distribution of shares to all of our eligible employees." This step not only enhances employee investment in the company's success but also reinforces a culture of collective achievement and shared prosperity.

With an eye on the future, Stephanie emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity at Mower. PR Week's recognition of Mower as one of the best places to work in the midsize agency category is a testament to their commitment. "We have to be open to looking beyond the typical advertising candidate," Stephanie remarks, highlighting the need for varied perspectives and experiences in driving innovation and creativity.

Stephanie proudly speaks of Mower's adaptability in a remote work environment. "Our employee engagement scores are the highest they've ever been," she shares, underscoring the productivity and satisfaction levels among the team. Mower's approach, which includes monthly gatherings for connection and celebration, reflects a deep understanding of the evolving workplace dynamics.

Strategic Vision for Client Success

As a leader in the advertising industry, Stephanie recognizes the importance of integrated marketing and strategic partnerships with clients. "We are definitely seeing a shift away from individualized services and into a much more integrated approach," she explains. Mower's focus on media planning, brand positioning, and smart communication tactics, especially in sectors like energy and sustainability, showcases their comprehensive and client-centric approach.

Reflecting on her journey, Stephanie shares insights on leadership and the importance of a supportive work environment. "Eric Mower saw something in me... I just became the CEO back in January, and to be the second CEO of the Agency's history is humbling indeed," she says. Her story is not just about reaching the top but about the values and relationships that define her leadership style.

Stephanie Crockett's journey at Mower is a narrative of innovation, inclusivity, and forward-thinking leadership. As she steers Mower into a new era, her story is a compelling invitation to explore the unique differentiation of Mower as an independent, full-service advertising agency. Readers are encouraged to view the full interview at www.LegendsLeaders.org  and learn more about Mower at www.MowerInsites.com, where they can witness the unfolding of a remarkable chapter in the advertising world.

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