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Kitchen Nightmares is a reality television series that captures the real life drama of failing restaurants in America. Akin to the loathed Simon Cowell, host Chef Ramsay, is just as opinionated as he exposes the ruthless truth behind the failing venues. For many, the turnaround ability to become a successful bistro lies in Chef Ramsay’s hands.

Advertisers and ad agencies are no different. Being able to target The Right Audience® will eliminate wasteful media dollars and ultimately maximize one’s ROI. With TRA’s Media TRAnalytics®, advertisers don’t have to rely on Chef Ramsay to save their business; instead advertisers and ad agencies can learn on their own which shows their brand and category purchasers are watching and advertise accordingly. In the example below, Chef Ramsay would explain that there is no secret recipe, that being able to match the right products to the right viewers will optimize one’s ROI. Therefore products such as Pet Care, Toaster Pastries, Cough Drops, and Floor Cleaners should all advertise on the Fox TV show Kitchen Nightmares, because they are the top five programs to provide the best return on media investment.


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