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Dear Industry Leaders,

With great intentions I began this journey of collecting and developing content, information and commentary to help the industry maintain the importance of DE&I during and post COVID-19. And then, the murder of George Floyd once again raised the concerns that have plagued this country for generations. The murder of a Black man in plain sight has lifted the consciousness of the country and amplified the continual injustices and racial inequity that exists.

I realized the opportunity to create a document greater than how the industry needed to maintain DE&I initiatives, and to shine a light on the challenges we still face, the battle we still fight and the chance for us all to be better.

It is up to all of us (you and me) to be better as allies, as advocates and as leaders to drive the change through actions and not just words.

It is up to us to listen and educate ourselves; not wait to be educated. We need to identify where we can make a difference and stand up and act.

This document is intended to support agency leaders, HR and D&I leads, to help educate and identify where their organizations can focus and help those leaders to drive a more equitable, diverse and inclusive industry.

Simon Fenwick
EVP, Talent, Equity & Inclusion

Dpwnload the Equity & Inclusion in Action Paper Here.

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