Exclusive Insights on 245 Media Organizations from The Myers Report: A Guide to Media Market Leaders

The Myers Report
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In a media landscape brimming with competition and innovation, understanding your position in the market is crucial. The Myers Report, with its extensive research and insights, offers media executives an invaluable resource to gauge performance and strategize for the future. This report highlights key insights and shares exclusive data on market leaders across various media categories, aiming to encourage leaders to explore options for more in-depth analysis.

A significant portion of media agency and brand professionals do not prioritize relationships with sales teams in their advertising decision-making. Furthermore, many decision-makers find their media partners' capabilities to be underperforming or inadequate. The Myers Report aims to bridge this gap, offering solutions that are aligned with the needs and expectations of modern decision-makers.

A Glimpse into Market Leadership

The Myers Report has identified leaders in each media category based on their top 2-box performance (Best-in-Class/Preferred Vendor) as rated by respondents actively engaged with these organizations. Here's a sneak peek into some of the category leaders:

- Out-of-Home: Featuring leaders like Talon, OUTFRONT, and Clear Channel, this category demonstrates a dynamic range of companies excelling in outdoor advertising.

- Audio/Radio/Podcasting: Spotify, SiriusXM, and iHeart Media are among the frontrunners, showcasing the growing influence of digital audio platforms.

- Social/Search: Dominated by giants like Google and Meta, this category underlines the importance of digital presence in today's advertising world, while Twitter (now "X") fades into history and Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat battle for recognition.

- Sports: With leaders like NBC Sports, ESPN, Fox Sport and WBD Sports the category highlights the massive appeal and engagement of sports media.

- Local Media: Companies like NBCU Local, Disney ABC TV Stations lead, emphasizing the enduring value of local media connections, while new competitors like Locality break through as prominent competitors.

- Broadcast/Cable/Streaming/OTT: While NBCUniversal, Disney Advertising, Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery and Fox continue to dominate, YouTube and Amazon Prime emerge as leaders; outliers Roku, LG Ads, Samsung Ads and Vizio demonstrate upside potential; and Ampersand reinforces its prominent industry role.

- Editorial/Feature Content: The Economist, Dotdash Meredith and The Wall Street Journal lead the category with Bustle Digital Group emerging with positive evaluations from current clients.

Exclusive Access to Comprehensive Data

Subscribers to The Myers Report gain exclusive access to detailed insights on these leaders and more. This proprietary data includes:

- In-Depth Analysis: Understand the factors driving these organizations' success and how they are perceived in the industry.

- Custom Insights: Tailored data offering deep dives into specific areas of interest, including respondent-level analysis for targeted business development.

Subscription Opportunities Tailored to Your Needs

The Myers Report offers a range of subscription options, from cost-effective syndicated data to customized, in-depth analysis. Whether you're seeking a broad overview or detailed, specific insights, there's a subscription package that fits your needs.

Why Subscribe?

- Strategic Insights: Leverage the data to inform your strategic decisions and stay ahead in a competitive market.

- Benchmark Performance: Understand where you stand among peers and identify areas for growth and improvement.

- Tailored Solutions: Access data that is most relevant to your organization's unique needs and objectives.

Join the Leaders

By tapping into The Myers Report, you join an elite group of media professionals who are not just navigating the media landscape but shaping it. Don't miss the opportunity to gain insights that could redefine your business strategy and propel your organization to new heights. To learn more about how your organization performed in The Myers Report and to explore subscription options, contact Maryann Teller at Maryann@MediaVillage.org. Visit www.MyersReports.com for further details and to discover how The Myers Report can be a game-changer for your business.

METHODOLOGY: In Field: 6/26/23 - 8/15/23 Total Respondents: 4202

The Myers Report Team Preparation and Readiness Assessment Study was administered online to 10,589 media & marketing professionals recruited through internal agency, trade association and media company outreach, MediaVillage subscriber lists, MediaVillage website banners and social media invitations. Respondents were incentivized to participate.

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