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Many advertisers are cautious to carefully screen all of the television programs that they advertise on, to ensure that the content is not offensive to any audience, and that it conforms to certain guidelines of what is acceptable to that advertiser. These advertisers believe that their products should not be associated with programs that contain violence, sex, or bad language.

The Parents Television Council has a rating system that can warn advertisers and parents about shows that may include gratuitous sex, explicit dialogue, violent content, obscene language, or anything that is unsuitable for children. These programs get a "red light" rating. Shows that contains adult-oriented themes and dialogue that may be inappropriate for youngsters get a "yellow light rating". Programs that are family-friendly, promoting responsible themes and traditional values, are given a "green light" rating.

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While an advertiser may limit themselves to only advertising on "green light" programs, there is still a lot of variation among the audiences of these various programs. A program can be considered a family-friendly program, but still not have The Right Audience® for that advertiser. Below is a list of programs that are rated with a "green light" by the Parents Television Council. Some of these programs (e.g., Family Feud and Don't Forget the Lyrics) would be the right place for a food and trash bag advertiser, while others (e.g., Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader) would be the right place for a coffee brand advertiser.

Using TRA's Purchaser Rating Points™ (PRP™), advertisers can ensure that they are reaching The Right Audience® while also maintaining the standards that they hold dear.

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