The answer to Monday's Trivia Question: Okay, some of you thought it was a trick question since I didn't count LeBron and a VERY small handful of you thought it was a trick question because I didn't count Bob Oedenkirk from Breaking Bad (which I felt guilty about afterwards). I did give you all credit. For Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, LeBron James and Bob Oedenkirk.

FIRST FIVE : Bob Kaplan, James Schiro, Bill McLaughlin, Jim Carter, & Alex Nagler

Honorable Mention: Jen Ragusa

Friday's Cable Top 5

Gold Rush-Discovery 1.7/4.6

Bering Sea Gold-Discovery .9/2.5Kristy Carruba

NBA-ESPN .9/2.0

WWE-Syfy .8/2.9

Law & Order SVU-USA .8/2.4

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5

Super Bowl-CBS 32.0/86 (Do I even need to list the other shows?)

Family Guy-FOX .9/1.9
The Simpsons-FOX .8/1.9
American Dad-FOX .8/1.7
Bob's Burgers-FOX .7/1.7

Sunday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
Super Bowl-CBS 52,556,473
Super Bowl Today-CBS 279,301
Saturday Night Live-NBC 93,151
The Simpsons-FOX 66,797
Family Guy-FOX 53,019

Sunday's Cable Top 5


Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

Puppy Bowl-Animal Planet 481,728

NBA Basketball-NBA 159,469

Sportscenter-ESPN 93,323

Chasing the Saturdays-E! 18,637

The Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 17,920

Top 5 DVR'ed Shows for the Week of 1/14/13-1/18/13
Modern Family: From a 4.3 to a 6.4 (+49%)
Grey's Anatomy: From a 3.0 to a 4.6 (+53%)
New Girl: From a 1.9 to a 3.3 (+74%)
Once Upon A Time: From a 2.4 to a 3.7 (+54)
Criminal Minds: From a 2.9 to a 4.2 (+45%)

Last night's How I Met Your Mother made me believe again. It had all the makings of a classic episode, starting with Ted's Dobler/Dahmer stalker theory which states that a stalker could be a Lloyd Dobler or a Jeffrey Dahmer depending on whether the person being stalked is actually interested...So in Ted's case, Janette, a Drew Barrymore look-a-like/sound-a-like was stalking him, and even though all facts lead to her being a Dahmer, he decided to make one last mistake before meeting Mom. Turned out Marshall was a Dobler and Lily was sort of a Dobler, but the biggest revelation was Robin...she was a Dahmer. Admitting that back in the Robin Sparkle'sHow I Met Your Mother days, she had a crush on someone And got all Dahmer on him, but she wouldn't name names. Barney broke into her journals, flew to Canada and tracked down some possible candidates that included James Van Der Beek (Dawson!), but it was only after viewing the Robin Sparkles "Underneath the Tunes" (get it?) episode where famous Canadians; Paul Schafer, Geddy Lee (YES! Geddy Lee!), Alex Trebek, Steven Page from Barenaked Ladies, kd lang, Alan Thick, David Coulier and Jason Priestly all denied that Robin's song, "PS I Love You" was about them. Okay let me just stop here for a minute and remind you that I LOVE JASON PRIESTLY and had THE biggest grin on my face when he appeared on my TV (I would have been a Dahmer if I was stalking Jason). Okay back on track. There were so many little gems in this episode that I need to go re watch it. Loved having Dave Coulier do "cut it out" and then have Bob Saget comment on it. Classic. Net/Net, Robin was obsessed with Paul Schafer and none of the other Canadians. Okay Carter Bays, you get a reprieve this week, but can you keep it going? I hope so!

Rules of Engagement was back and it was laugh out loud funny! Since we last saw the gang, and I have no idea how long it's been, thank god for the Season Pass. Jen got on the Michelle Obama bangs bandwagon, but pulled it off nicely. I have no idea how long Jeff and Audrey's surrogate has been pregnant, but it seems like 2 seasons and I don't think that baby's ever going to show up, which wouldn't be the worst thing. Great gag if it actually never shows up. The lack of a birth wasRules of engagement great news for crazy Liz and her million cats who had to move in with Jeff and Audrey for a few days while she was in between apartments. Jeff seemed to come back from hiatus with even squintier (is that a word?) eyes than usual. How does he even read his lines? Of course we thought that it would be Jeff who would have all the issues once Liz moved in, but it was Audrey who wanted her out since all Liz did was stick up for Jeff. Jen (and then Adam) was having horrible sex dreams about Russell and like the lovable idiot Adam is, he told Russell all about it which led to David Spade doing what he does best, acting extra creepy and weird. (in a good way). Last but not least...Timmy!!! Yeah Timmy is back and better than ever. This time, Adam and Timmy became obsessed with Ping Pong and wore hilarious matching outfits. I love Rules, so glad it's back and hope that baby's never born.

The RHOBH were still in Vegas this week. Everyone but Kyle, who was getting a last minute nose job, and Adrienne, who was supervising Paul's laser hair removal...Only in Beverly Hills. Back in Vegas, the girls all took their turns on the stripper pole and while some women were more talented than others, they all looked like they had done this sort of thing before. Kyle was sporting some short stubby finger nails, but I noticed when she was on her Chanel covered cell phone that she had the Chanel intertwined C's painted on those stubby nails. I wonder if that is all considered product integration or branding or what? Kim apparently never told Kim about her surgery until she was being rolled in on a gurney. Oh and remember a few weeks ago we found out that Kim had a "Houseman"? Well, she also has an assistant named Wendy. How does she have the money for all of her staff. It's so odd. Back in Vegas, Brandi had a dinner party which of course ended up with everyone screaming and fighting. Nobody ate a thing and then they all hopped aboard Yolanda's private plane and headed back to the 90210. While all that's going on, Ken was home having bizarro phony cocktails with Jiggy. It had to be the most ridiculous thing I've seen so far on this show.

News & Information:

-164.1 million people watched all or part of the Super Bowl which was 3% higher than last year. There are so many different numbers and spins on the numbers etc. I'm sure there will be an Infographic or something coming out soon and I'll post the numbers then. Sunday's game was the most watched program in history with a Household rating of 46.3.

-I gotta be honest, I'm surprised the Post Super Bowl airing of Elementary on CBS delivered a 7.8/20.8 I would have thought everyone was either driving home, cleaning up or passed out cold. Remember, it ran from 11:11pm to 12:11am.

-I can't get demo ratings for Downton Abbey, but from what I can tell, it was the 2nd most watched primetime broadcast on Sunday night. It delivered a 4.4 Household rating and 6.6 million viewers. See, I told you they had something to do with the blackout!

-As you know, I am very interested in the Netflix original series, House of Cards. Obviously it isn't going to be measured via Nielsen, but I did find some information on this weekend's activity. A company called Procera is monitoring web traffic and reported the following:

  • The majority of House of Cards viewers watched more than one episode of the show
  • 2% of Netflix subscribers watched episode 1
  • 1.3% of Netflix subs watched episode 2
  • Episodes 10-12 were viewed by .53%, .48% and .52% respectively
  • Oddly enough, episode 13 was seen by .59%
  • As you know, I watched episodes 1-8

-Ricki Lake's show has been cancelled...I completely forgotten she even had a show on right now. Bummer Ricki.

-Some Pinteresting Facts:

  • Americans spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on the site
  • 80% of pins are repins
  • Total Unique visitors to Pinterest increased by 2,702% since May 2011
  • 80% of Pinterest users are Women
  • 50% of all PInterest users have kids
  • 83.9% of time on the site is spent pinning, 15.5% on liking and .6 percent on commenting
  • Users spend an average of 16 minutes per visit
  • Pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without
  • Pinterest hit 10 million US Monthly unique visitors faster than any independent site in history
  • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money than visitors referred from other not social channels
  • Online consumers that have found an item they've bought or wanted to buy: Pinterest: 69% vs Facebook: 40%
  • #1 Content Category: Food
  • Most Popular Age Group 25-34

Tuesday's Trivia Question: At the request of my Mom...a Sex in the City trivia question-What did Miranda name her son?

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