Video: Feeding Optimism Through Bold Discovery

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I am thrilled to welcome Karuna Rawal, CMO at Nature's Fynd as my next guest as we delve into one of the most exciting discoveries in Food Tech in recent times.

In 2009, a scientist exploring Yellowstone National Park identified a microbe within the hot acidic springs, with the potential to replace today's proteins with one that requires a fraction of the land, water and resources that we use today. Such a promising discovery attracted the attention of the world's leading technologists and change leaders, with $160M raised to date, and financial backing from Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Al Gore, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg.

A new food tech brand,Nature's Fynd, was born. As CMO, Karuna has been the lead architect in creating the Nature's Fynd story, beginning with expressing its unique purpose of unlocking the forces of nature to create a food company for optimists. Rawal draws upon her successful track record leading global brands at P&G and Leo Burnett, including the iconic Emmy-award winning Always "Like a Girl" campaign. Digging deep into both the brand building and performance marketing engines, Karuna shares the important choices pioneering brands need to make, the financial bets of a start-up, the critical CFO collaboration on business metrics, and the price-value-taste equation consumers consider in an emerging category like alternative proteins., This is a true hero's journey on daring to ask the question "why not?" and pursuing an optimistic path to that "eureka" moment of lasting change.

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