Female Firepower and Global Resonance are Themes for Vevo's 2023 Most Watched

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It's that time of year when brands and fans reap the benefits of hindsight, key takeaways, and a chance to look back at the year, capturing the most memorable moments and captivating thought provoking insights. At Vevo, this recap moment is no different and comes in the form of how viewers watched music. Vevo produces their 'End of Year' charts to showcase the most watched music video content of the year. What makes this reflection so unique and powerful within the entertainment industry is that music videos allow viewers to see the artist, their expressions, the dance moves, the fashion – making Vevo the true home for music videos.

2023 was the year of female and global music hitting high notes, ranking among the year's most popular music videos on music video network Vevo, a joint venture of Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Google and Abu Dhabi Media.

Megawatt women artists, including KAROL G, Taylor Swift, Shakira, and Rihanna, were among Vevo's most-watched musicians on its network internationally. Viewing for Latin genres and Afrobeats music soared to new heights, according to the music video network's recently-released charts of the year's top performing music videos.

The burgeoning interest in female artists and international music, reflects music fans' openness to exploring new sounds and musicians, noted Laura Vanison, Vevo's Senior Director, Consumer and Artist Insights.

Music is uniquely positioned to bridge cultural, geographic, and language divides. Vevo's research indicates audiences are open to learning about new music and artists.

Among Vevo's U.S. viewers, 61% said they are interested in checking out music from around the globe, and 59% say they don't even need to understand the words to enjoy a song.

"And according to Vevo's proprietary Media Tracker study, 74 percent of our viewers say that music videos feel diverse and representative of the world around them, so it's a true and authentic art form," Vanison added.

According to Vevo's global tracking, female artists claimed the year's most-watched artist chart worldwide. Colombian singer-songwriter KAROL G came in at No.1 for the third straight year, with 4.7 billion global views, followed by fellow Colombian icon Shakira, notching 3.2 billion global views, and pop sensation Taylor Swift, attracting 3 billion global views.

Two of those superstars — KAROL G and Shakira — collaborated on Vevo's "most-watched video" of the year among global audiences with "TQG," which attracted 880 million global views.

Among American viewers, "Favorite Song" by Hip-Hop artist Toosii reigned as the "most-watched video" with 101.8 million U.S. views, followed closely by Miley Cyrus' "Flowers," which nabbed 97.9 million U.S. views.

Rounding out the top five most popular U.S. videos, were KAROL G and Shakira's "TQG" (84.1 million U.S. views); Vevo's DSCVR 2023 Artist to Watch Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj's "Princess Diana" (52.3 million U.S. views) ,and Becky G and Peso Pluma's "CHANEL" (38.3 million U.S. views).

It was the year of Taylor Swift with her outsized impact over every sector across the globe. She became a market maker, with iconic moments in sports, delivered a renaissance for the friendship bracelet, transcending the power of a pop song and becoming a monoculture in an otherwise divided world. All the while amassing record views on Vevo as the narrator, protagonist and storyteller she's always been.

Which brings us to another formidable woman, Rihanna whose fandom, following and viewership exploded on Vevo during her Super Bowl performance.

Rihanna ranked no. 9 among top global artists with 1.4 billion views despite not having released new music in about five years. The Grammy winner grabbed attention performing in last year's Super Bowl and remains a pop cultural force, and her Vevo viewership demonstrates the loyalty music fans have for beloved artists, Vanison said.

"It's just love for an artist like Rihanna that's keeping her relevant and top of mind," she said. "Even without new music, it's just people who connect with this artist and love her content."

According to Vevo data, that fandom was evident following the Super Bowl when Rihanna's catalog recorded significant increases in viewership.

"Music videos create a unique opportunity for fans to make connections and understanding with their favorite artist," noted Vanison.

At a time when consumers turn to social media for music and artist discovery, Vevo sees a direct correlation between social media activity and its viewership, with 57 percent of consumers reporting they find new artists and music on social media.

Social networks give artists a launchpad for their music videos by allowing them to interact with fans, and participate in challenges and contests, with 76% of consumers who discover new music on social media, likely to seek out and watch the music video for that song. Those connections lead fans to music videos, specifically on Vevo, Vanison said. For example, South African artist Tyla saw a spike in viewing on Vevo after fans around the world participated in a viral dance challenge on social media, to the tune of her "Water" music video. Credit also goes to Vevo for producing an original live DSCVR performance of the hit Afrobeats song two months prior to the official music video coming out, further proof of the music video network's trend forecasting expertise.

In addition to the new music enthusiasm, nostalgia strikes a cord with Vevo fans particularly when artists from past decades resurface in the news. For example, after a documentary on British musician George Michael aired in the UK, viewing for Michael's groundbreaking video "Outside" surged 1000 percent in the UK and 600% globally, Vanison said.

Similarly, when The Beatles' song "Now and Then," considered the final song recorded by the Fab Four, debuted in November, it quickly became a top premiere globally and one of Vevo's most-watched debut videos in the U.S., finishing at number—7 for the year with 6.5 million U.S. views.

"Engagement with the Beatles became a multi-generational phenomenon, with music representing a major passion point for consumers of all ages, playing an important role in their everyday lives with 64% of them identifying as avid music fans, spending almost 3 hours engaging with music content each day." Vanison said.  "The success of Now and Then's premiere is a real testament to the power of music to unify people across all walks of life."

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