The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: Kerry Weaver took Mark Greene's job

FIRST and ONLY ONE!: My cousin, Dani Jackel

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5

The Voice-NBC 3.8/10.9

NCIS-CBS 3.0/16.8

NCIS-CBS 2.8/15.6

Go On-NBC 2.3/6.3Kristy Carruba

New Girl-FOX 2.2/4.3

Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

The Voice-NBC 210,715

Dancing with the Stars-ABC 61,036

New Girl-FOX 57,679

NCIS-CBS 34,426

Go On-NBC 24,546

Tuesday's Cable Top 5

Sons of Anarchy-FX 2.4/4.5

College Basketball-ESPN 1.4/3.0

TOSH.0-Comedy Central 1.3/2.2

The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.2/3.0

Hardcore Pawn-Tru 1.1/3.0

Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

Son's of Anarchy-FX 109,059

Tosh.0-Comedy Central 32,708

Doomsday Preppers-National Geographic 28,825

Ink Master-Spike 21,538

Covert Affairs-USA 14,768

How short was KKO's dress on The X Factor? Way too short, but shockingly...Britney looked amazing. Great makeup, great hair and great outfit. I'm thinking she got a new stylist? Another theme week? Oy vey...why do we need theme weeks? Diva's? It's going to be a long night. The+Voice

Janelle Garcia sang Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" She was decent.

Tate Stevens who was in the lead last week, sang Shania Twain's "From this Moment On". He did a great job. There was so much backing track on it though, it was hard to hear him.

Diamond White sang Beyonce's "Halo". She was good.

Beatrice Miller sang Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time". I agreed with L.A, great performance but I didn't love the song choice.

Lyric 145 sang Queen's "We Will Rock You". They're just not my thing so I FF'ed them.

Arin Ray was next with Madonna's "Crazy For You". I love that song, he did a good job with it, but the judges didn't think so, they were bored.

Paige Thomas sang Donna Summer's "Last Dance" and while she looked good with her Dorothy's Slipper lipstick, the song wasn't so great. Again way too over produced.

Fifth Harmony-Sang Mariah Carey's "Hero". I liked it. It's a hard song to sing and they did a good job. Next was my favorite, and the clear winner of the whole thing,

Carly Rose Sonnenclar. She chose to sing the hardest song, "My Heart Goes On" from Titanic. And it was perfect. She so wins. Do I have to sit through 5 more weeks?

Vino the tattoo guy was next up with a great version of "Let's Stay Together". I loved it. He was awesome, it's just hard to get past the tats for me, and I like tattoos in general.

Emblem 3, one of my faves, performed Alicia Keys "No One" in a very boy bandy way. Gotta be honest. I didn't love this one, but they were cute and the audience was into it.

Cece Frey got rid of her leopard spots and sang "All By Myself". It was boring ...can I be saying this...bring back the spots? One final it me or does Britney Spears just look like she is miserable and in pain the entire time she's sitting there. I cannot believe this woman got 15 million bucks to be on the panel and say "Sorry I Just Don't Get It". Brittany's agent is brilliant, Simon...not as brilliant as he thinks. She is such a Debby Downer and I can't even deal with listening to her anymore.

Who knew Jonathan Penner was the Survivor Philippines therapist? I'd take that deal, free therapy for 39 days...barganza! Man did he turn it on with Lisa "Blair Warner" Whelchel. It was almost Survivorawkward, but she seemed to actually need it and appreciate it. She seems to really be going through a lot on the island. Even with all that therapy though, she couldn't seem to get through the rice during the extra muddy reward challenge. Shockingly, it was Skupin who won immunity but he didn't win anything to stop his klutz mojo, did you see when he got hit with the coconut? Hilarious. SPOILER ALERT: It was Artis who was voted out instead of Penner and the look on Abi's face was priceless. I wouldn't want to trek back to camp with her while she's carrying a stick of fire.

O...M...G, how hilarious was the entire Matthew Broderick/Phil Dunphy, Three's Company, gay not Modern+Familygay, misunderstanding storyline on Modern Family this week? At the gym, Phil was just being Phil and Matthew's "Dave" thought Phil was into him. Phil invited Dave back to the house to watch a football game and it just got crazier and worries though, Phil didn't change teams or anything, but he did have that a-ha moment after Dave bailed on him. While Phil was home alone with his iPad and Ferris Bueller, Claire was with Alex, Manny and Luke at Alex's smart person contest. Manny and Luke crashed 3 different Bar Mitzvahs just to find the girl that smiled at Manny and Alex crashed and burned on her first question causing Clair to go nuts. Back at home Cam and Mitch had a plan to get Gloria and Jay out of the house so they could surprise them with a wall mural for the nursery. The mural was hilarious, Jay, Gloria and Manny all with wings hovering like angels above.

On Guys with Kids, Chris's ex-wife invited him to his own kid's first birthday party which pissed him off, so he threw his own. I got some great party ideas from Chris in this episode... First...alcoholic snow cones! Second, a game idea...first 1 year old to fall wins all the money. If I had these 2 ideas when my kid was little, I'd have actually thrown a party for him. Gary and Vanessa Huxtable were on Kale diets which in practice is gross, but they seemed to think it wasn't that bad, but after 6 days of it they went insane. Trust me...IT IS THAT BAD! Sheila and the real Guys+with+KidsKareem Abdul Jabar broke up and got back together in under 22 minutes. This show gets better and better. It has tough competition, but it's really worth checking out.

From the second that Tessa told Hot Botox George on Suburgatory that she wanted to spend Thanksgiving with her grandmother and meet her Mom for the first time, all I kept thinking was. Her Mom's never going to show up and that's what happened...except she DID show up, she was at Tessa's place in Suburbia and Tessa was of course in the city at her Grandmothers. When they finally did meet it was what you'd think, awkward and then all good.

For those of you that have been reading WWTM for a while, you'll remember that I used to love Little People in the Big World. My sister got me hooked on the Roloffs from day one and I've followed them ever since. I've had a "thing" for Matt Roloff the patriarch of the family, for a while. He's an amazing guy, he's pretty good looking and he has the best attitude anyone could ever have. The guy is on crutches and really can't walk to well, but he never lets any of his issues get in his way. He dreams big and has pretty much brought all of his dreams and ideas to life. His latest thing is weddings which means a whole new show on TLC for me to become obsessed with. I am already in deep. I forgot how much I HATE Matt's wife Amy who treats him like crap. I have no idea why and of course I don't live on Roloff Farm, but I honestly want to go to Oregon and beat the crap out of her. Why Matt sticks around, I'll never know, he could do SO much better than Amy Roloff. Matt you know where to find me.

News & Information

*Richie Sambora will be THE house band on Craig Ferguson the week of 12/3-12/7 Why on earth would he want to do that? Letterman or Fallon okay, but Ferguson? Why bother? If I'm Richie, I'm sitting on the beach, strumming my guitar and writing songs.

*Tuesday night's episode of Hart of Dixie delivered the shows best ratings in over a year. 1.6MM viewers and a season high .7 RA 18-49 and that's without Wade or George taking off their shirts! I'm going to take partial credit for the bump in ratings, I mean I've made no secret of how much I love this show, and I've let people know.

*Jimmy Kimmel's 3rd annual Facebook unfriending is quickly approaching on Friday 11/16. I don't need a special day as I unfriend monthly. You don't adhere to my're out it's just that simple. Plus I limit my friends to 100 it makes things pretty simple. So start defriending.

*TV Land renewed Soul Man for a 3rd season. Anyone ever see it?

Thursday's Trivia Question: It was announced yesterday that Channing Tatum is People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Who did he replace?

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