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Addressable advertising has reached a critical point. At nearly 50 million, more than 42% of U.S. households are now addressable -- meaning advertisers can deliver the right ad to the right target on a national scale, and these numbers are growing. By 2020, Magna Global projects that nearly 60 percent of all U.S. homes, approximately 70 million, will be addressable. With this scale will come an influx of ad spending. A recent eMarketer report predicts addressable TV spend will swell by 144% in just the first two years, reaching an eye-catching $2.17 billion.

Now is the time for marketers to make their move.

Addressable TV today offers unprecedented transparency into campaign performance. Advertisers have access to extensive measurement tools that examine every key performance factor and uncover what's working and what's not. Investments in addressable will help first-movers run smart, agile campaigns tomorrow and gain an edge in the marketplace when the vast majority of TV inventory becomes addressable.

DISH Media Sales has run more than 700 addressable campaigns since introducing the technology to the industry in 2012 and most are campaigns from return clients. These advertisers, across a wide range of verticals, have utilized campaign reporting to tweak, refine and perfect subsequent campaigns, not only impacting their addressable buys but improving efficiency and effectiveness across entire media mixes. Clients leveraging these insights to influence overall media strategies have enjoyed incremental positive results.

The proof is in the profit. One notable over-the-counter (OTC) client achieved increased success by leveraging insights from a previous addressable campaign to inform their next addressable buy. The client executed an addressable campaign to drive sales for its healthcare product. Following the campaign, the client observed a 13% lift in sales, 8% unit lift and stole .8% share from the competitor. Although these were positive results, deeper analysis into the reporting showed room for improvement. The client found that more than half of the target households were not exposed to the most effective frequency and that they only reached previous buyers.  

Among these insights was a clear opportunity to achieve additional success by making adjustments to their next addressable campaign. DISH Media Sales worked alongside the brand to extend the target to include prospective buyers and increase the average frequency of the ads. The modifications paid off. In the second campaign, the client achieved a 21% sales lift, 21% unit lift and stole 1.4% from competitors. Their informed, data-driven decisions made the difference in driving success and ultimately sales.

The transparency and accountability derived from addressable advertising allow advertisers to track results, improve target audience lists and ultimately better inform media buys. The more a brand uses addressable TV, the better the results.

Reaching today's fragmented audiences is a challenge. This is why addressable advertising is growing exponentially. It is a marketer's solution to connecting with hard-to-reach viewers wherever and whenever they are consuming content. It provides transparency to an industry that not only needs it, but expectsit. Marketers and brands today face an overwhelming number of options to spend their marketing dollars, but for brands looking for scale and transparent ROI, the answer is clear: addressable advertising works.

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