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My colleagues and I have been posting on MediaBizBloggers since September of last year and have enjoyed the feedback we've received. We hope you have found value in our stories. Based on PDF downloads, here are the top five from last year:

· "What Do Successful Direct Marketers Have in Common with Championship NBA Teams?" Now that the NBA season has finally started, see what's behind this article. Get the PDF at:

· "A Slew of Marketing Stats Reveal Opportunities and Pitfalls for Direct Response Marketers"Get a head start in 2012 with fresh new customer acquisition tactics. Get the PDF at:

· "Five Reasons Why Direct Response TV Is, and Will Always Be, The Most Dominant Direct Response Medium"Is there an infomercial in your future? Should there be? Start here. Get the PDF at:

· "Why All Marketers Need to Think Like Direct Marketers"The DR mindset will help every advertiser get more ROI and better accountability out of their advertising programs. Get the PDF at:

· "The Internet is One Big Double-Edged Sword"Get rich or get sliced. Learn why. Get the PDF at:

You can see everything we've written at: Customer Acquisition Intel - Archives

We've got a lot of good stories coming up, starting next week. Happy New Year, and we hope you had a great holiday season.

Irv Brechner has written over 100 published direct marketing articles and 13 books on a variety of topics. He's been a pioneer in online customer acquisition since 1996 and offline for his 35-year career. He has developed's "Customer Acquisition Intel Center" ( ) he evangelizes best-of-breed tactics to help companies acquire customers in the digital age. He can be reached at: .

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