FOX Launches New Ad Sales Portal and Marketing Campaign

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'The Power of FOX' pitches the strength and reach of the company's four verticals in entertainment, sports, news and streaming

For FOX Corporation and its array of television and digital content ventures, Halloween Week 2020 became the starting line for a pair of new sales initiatives to get a head start on 2021.

One of those two initiatives is FOX Ad Solutions, an online partner portal offering case studies, campaign marketing material and other information available to current and prospective advertisers, agency and media buyer personnel. The other is the kind of business-to-business advertising campaign many TV networks run each year during a late winter to early spring Upfront event season. In this campaign's execution, known as "The Power Of FOX," all the ads are digital, running on the websites of The New York Times, AdWeek, Advertising Age and other publications.

Both efforts highlight the power and reach of FOX' portfolio of entertainment, sports, news and Tubi -- the company's breakthrough ad-supported streaming platform. The aim of the campaign is to inform advertisers and marketers on the ways FOX can help drive their business goals through the four verticals individually or orchestrated across the entire portfolio.

According to Erin Saulnier, FOX Corp.'s executive vice president of ad sales marketing, the web portal fulfills a major aspect of ad industry outreach. "We didn't have a collective place, a digital hub, for our clients and our advertising agency partners to learn more about our verticals and our portfolio," she says. "It provides our sales team with a tool and it supports our strategy of partnering with our clients however they would like to work and engage with us."

Had FOX staged an Upfront presentation this past spring the portal would have been ready for deployment. The Coronavirus pandemic disrupted that strategy, giving Saulnier and her colleagues more time to refine the portal's resources, then launch it well in advance of the next Upfront cycle.

Moreover, the portal is useful whether the user is at the office or working from home. "Now you can envision an AE sharing their screen and walking a client through a case study, or a research insight, because it's easily accessible on our site," Saulnier details. "We've had great response so far."

Individual ads in the B-to-B campaign tout the ability to achieve breakthrough sales results through the power to engage, unite or connect viewers through specific FOX ventures. Messages for Tubi tout reaching key demographic audiences engaged with smart TV-distributed content. "We are proud to have Tubi as a fourth vertical along with FOX Entertainment, Sports and News. With its tremendous library of content, Tubi reaches coveted streaming audiences that further complement our ad-supported portfolio," Saulnier adds.

"When you look at the targeting we have, the reach we have and the valuable audiences delivered across all these platforms, we really enable brands to breakthrough, both for you and with you," she explains. "Breaking through with you means we can partner with a client, sit down and talk about a client's marketing objectives, and then we activate within our verticals or across the entire portfolio. There are many different touchpoints to break through with you, whether that's through branded content, research studies, or integrations or other forms of partnership."

Along with the new portal, FOX is launching @FoxAdSolutions social media handles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

In early 2021, the FOX Ad Solutions portal will further expand its features in time for CES' first virtual event. Additionally, a second flight of the "Power of FOX" B-to-B marketing campaign will be activated in the beginning of the new year.

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