Fox Takes AIM at Data, Programmatic and Advanced Advertising

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There continues to be a myriad of fascinating and creative data-fueled solutions introduced into the sales process this year by media networks. One of the most recent is Fox’s AIM which, according to Audrey Steele, Senior Vice President of Sales Research and Marketing at Fox Broadcasting, offers “a suite of advanced advertising tools that use consumer target and behavioral data to offer varying degrees of campaign optimization flexibility.”

It started with a series of meetings and discussions with select clients. “Needs are different, agency to agency and client to client,” Steele explains. With that in mind, the Fox team of executives and a group of expert consultants in data, technology and engineering set out to create a system with core guarantees on client targets for both base and incremental buys.  “We’re putting our money where our mouth is and holding ourselves to a more meaningful standard,” Steele asserts.

Fox AIM offers four products:

Optimized Audience Read: Uses Fox’s proprietary data engine to improve campaign performance by recommending commercial inventory based on advertiser-supplied precision targets and by providing a tCPM (targeted cost per thousand) read of consumer audience delivery. 

Target Audience Guarantee: Provides a single linear tCPM guarantee across Fox Networks using Fox’s premier data enabled television platform to forecast and optimize campaign performance.

Multi-Platform Guarantee: Offers a platform-agnostic premium content audience package with a tCPM guarantee across linear and nonlinear properties.

Linear Programmatic Buying: Empowers advertisers to buy Fox national inventory against advanced audience targets within a private marketplace. This allows for integration with leading media buying and demand-side platforms.

The data components of this initiative include a mix of third party linear and nonlinear data sets and custom first and second party data that ultimately will be leveraged in a unified fashion for multiplatform buys, enabling true cross-screen optimization.

For me, a particularly satisfying aspect of this initiative is that the research department has played an active and integral role in the development of the product. “Research has been central to bringing together the partners, data sets and measurement objectives,” Steele noted. “But developing tools that capitalize on the value of attention in our content, in this case by making relevance a key part of the audience deliverable, is a primary focus of several areas of the company,” which is also developing a suite of engagement ad products.

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