Fox's Marsheila Hayes Offers Diverse Candidates a "Seat at the Fox Table" -- Watch on Demand

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Marsheila Hayes, Vice President Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Fox Corp., points out that Fox "probably has 350 to 400 job openings available now across all of the different teams" and shares in our Legends & Leaders conversation that "for all those interested in joining the Fox family, there's definitely a place at our family job dinner table." Marsheila believes "you have to be very thoughtful and very mindful about what the experience is when [a new team member] is coming into your doors. How are team members receiving them? How is leadership receiving them? How are new ideas being considered and actually acted upon? All these things factor into the cultural fabric of a company. And if you're not being thoughtful around that you will lose people, you will lose talent."

Marsheila leads Fox's outreach to HBCUs and other organizations to offer support and guidance. She explains in our conversation, being highlighted during the media and advertising community's collective Black Talent Outreach campaign (Oct. 17-20), that "we let them know we're here right now in the industry; we're seeing it as it's playing out and we understand some of the nuances that HBCU students may not be experiencing. They're learning the theoretical parts and pieces around the industry, but they're not in positions to put them in direct application just yet. So, we can leverage some of our leaders, some of our folks who are actively in this space to connect with HBCU students, and sow seeds early to help them understand the different types of opportunities that are available across the industry.

"We're leveraging our resources to say, 'How can we help you?'" she continues. "How can we work with your professors or your program directors to help inform some of your curriculum, so that your students, as they're graduating, are even more prepared and even more set up for success as they step out into the workplace, and really have a marketable and flexible and diverse skill set to be successful?"

Watch the video above to hear more of Marsheila's insights and recommendations and to learn more about the opportunities and diversity best practices at Fox.

Originally published October 14, 2022.

The media and advertising community are hosting Black Talent Outreach Week October 17-20, live streamed at and Resumes are being accepted and interviews scheduled at Promote it to your teams and support the year-long campaign to advance diverse talent recruitment with your

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