The winner of the March Trivia Contest is: Monica Caraffa!

April starts completely fresh, so remember to get all of your correct answers in regardless of what time it is. They all count toward the monthly prize!

The answer to Friday's Trivia Question: The Houses of Westeros are: Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Martel, Greyjoy, Tully, Bolton, Arryn, Tyrell & Targaryeon

FIRST FIVES : Sean Reardon, Alex Nagler, Monica Caraffa, Jim Carter & Katie McCartney

Honorable Mention : Daniel Block

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5

Grey's Anatomy-FOX 2.8/8.3
American Idol-FOX 2.7/11.0 Kristy Carruba
Scandal-ABC 2.6/8.0
NCAA-CBS 2.3/6.9
Raising Hope-FOX 1.4/4.5

Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

NCAA Basketball-CBS 328,622

American Idol-FOX 255,309

Scandal-ABC 187,686

The Vampire Diaries

Thursday's Cable Top 5

NCAA Basketball-TBS 1.6/4.6
Swamp People-History 1.6/4.5
NCAA Basketball-TBS 1.1/2.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.3
Archer-FX .9/1.3

Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

NCAA Basketball-TBS 220,669

Comic Book Men-AMC

Freakshow-AMC 33,315

Ridiculousness-MTV 30,621

Braxton Family Values-We 26,711

Friday's Broadcast Top 5

NCAA Basketball-CBS 1.9/6.4
Shark Tank-ABC 1.7/5.9
20/20-ABC 1.4/5.9
Grimm-NBC 1.3/4.7
Happy Endings-ABC .9/3.1

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

NCAA Basketball-CBS 408,240
Grimm-NBC 44,998
Shark Tank-ABC 30,783
Fashion Star-NBC 23,851
Touch-FOX 19,395

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

NCAA Basketball-TBS 601,824

WWE Smackdown-Syfy 70,825

Ghost Adventures-Travel 26,960

Piers Morgan-Live CNN 24,872

Degrassi-Teen Nick 15,574

Game of Thrones
Just waiting for Game of Thrones to start was fun...Damon and Douglas in a bathtub on 5/26? Sounds like a plan. Then the HBO promo for the Spring...enjoyable Then it started...YEAH! I'd been looking forward to the return of GOT all weekend and then I remembered how hard it is to follow. So here's what I did. I watched it and then rewatched part of it and then read what I could to figure it out and here's where I netted out. If I missed something or got something wrong, let me know. I feel like collaboration is necessary: Okay so it is winter somewhere now and Sam was lost in the snow and all frozen. He met up with Commander Mormont and came clean about not releasing the ravens to warn everyone about the white walkers. One job to do and he couldn't manage to get it right. Loser. Then Jon Snow was with his wilding chick and hoping to get in with them as an undercover agent sort of. I think he really likes the red headed wilding girl which could screw him in the long run. Anyway, he got grilled by the former Night's Watch guy and they let him into the wildings group pretty fast and told him he needs new clothes. Hopefully that will stop everyone from stoning my favorite guy. Of course it's still cold and he never takes his clothes off so that's a bit of a bummer. Stannis is still obsessed with that crazy red haired priestess wacko and keeps burning people she tells him to. Tyrion (my fave) is recovering from his Blackwater battle injuries and is pissed that Pops hasn't checked on him. He told his sister he's meeting with Daddy and she seems a bit nervous about that, but there was no reason to be since Dad HATES Tyrion. So much so, that when Tyrion demanded that he be made Lord of Casterly Rock, pops says "I would let myself be consumed by maggots before mocking the family name and making you heir to Casterly Rock". That pissed Tyrion off and sent him on his way. King Joffrey/Geoffrey's fiancé is really into being queen and stopped, a la Princess Di, at an orphanage to tell all the children whose parents were killed at Blackwater, that Jof/Geoff is their savior. She's good this chick. Sansa's not doing that great. She's dying to get back to WinterFell even though nobody's home and Lord Baelish told her he can get her there, but nobody trusts that guy at all. Rob Stark's still pissed off at his Mom for freeing Jaime Lannister and of course the best part of the night...Khaleesi Dany and her dragons. Dany needs an army, the dragons are getting bigger and they are really cool but her Dothraki guys aren't going to be enough. She lands somewhere and there are all these slaves but Kraz needs to make sure they're up for the challenge so what's a guy to do? Cut off one of their nipples...yeah that'll prove how tough a guy is. Then there was a trick scorpion and the guy that saved Dany from it was a guy who served her Dad and then worked for the Baratheons. This guy's been looking for Dany and promised to serve her well. Did I get it all? This show really is tough to keep track of. I'm sure the books are even harder. Needless to say, I didn't get to anything else last night especially since I kept playing that video of Kevin Ware over and over and freaking myself out. So now the DVR's loaded up again.

Sometimes a show forgets where it came from. Sometimes it forgets that the audience is intelligent and doesn't need what it never asked for. I'm getting nervous that this is what's happening to my guys on Tanked. The show is getting to be too scripted and too formulaic. We don't need staged mishaps, events and fake story lines. We all loved the show the way it was. Last week, we had someone get hurt trying to imitate a stunt from Jackass and this week, Heather and Wayde renewing their wedding vows? I can't imagine they came up with that on their own. I'm sure a few new tank tops for Heather and a pair of earrings and she'd have been thrilled. The bachelor party was absolutely ridiculous. I'm not even sure there really was one. We saw photos of people doing odd things and then everyone waking up at ATM with farm animals roaming the premises. Honestly, I just didn't buy it. I didn't buy Wayde's proposal either. If you're going to spend all that time and energy to have a plane fly over with the question, you would think the person doing the asking could get it right. I don't know it just felt very staged and awkward and honestly, very unnecessary. Two tanks were created this week though. A double decker tank for a college I never hear of called, St. Leo University and a slot machine arch for a wedding chapel in Vegas. To be honest, both weren't that cool. I was more interested in the amount of times Wayde wore his sunglasses on top of his head for an extended period of time (3) and that Heather and Agnes continued to ONLY wear tank tops. C'mon guys, I love you, but let's get back to basics.

Joan & Melissa
I have no idea what's staged or scripted on Joan and Melissa, but that's the beauty of their show. They're all so nuts that anything is possible and the crazier the better, I don't even care. This week during their hula hoop lesson, Melissa invited Lynn to Thanksgiving at Joan's place in NY. BIG MISTAKE! Lynn was the worst house guest ever, and trust me I've had some doozies in my house! All we kept hearing about was this gravy boat that was the last remaining family heirloom of Joan's dead husband's that they only use on Thanksgiving. Of course, Lynn, the worst house guest ever broke that, skipped out on lunch and brought dirty laundry to wash and dried it on Joan's furniture...bras no less! She also ate Prince Charles's wedding cake that Joan got as a souvenir, and then got in bed with Joan naked. What's wrong with this chick? Joan's neighbors kept putting their garbage bags in front of her building and Joan lost it big time. She was having 36 people for Thanksgiving and thought it would be disgusting for them to have to walk by the garbage to enter her building so she went downstairs in her million dollar outfit in full get up and started throwing garbage over to the neighbors building. Her doorman told her that this was HER garbage from the party set up. She was mortified and asked him not to tell anyone. It was hilarious. The best part for me though, (and Melissa) was the return of Duncan the hot British guy she met in London. She invited him for Thanksgiving and they went ice skating and kissed and then he hunted her down at the party and made out with her. Yeah Duncan. He's really hot! I hope she's still with him.


-I hope you can make out the data on this chart, but if not, it shows how fast Social TV has grown over the past 18 months. As you can see, Social TV has TRIPLED in the United States since June of 2011. Social TV is predicted to continue to grow over the next seven years and more than doubling by 2020. The average social TV user has more than 500 Twitter followers. This is one of those topics I'm so obsessed with, so get used to it.

Monday's Trivia Question:
This week, I'm going to name a TV show and a Movie that share a common actor or actress. So here ya go...Square Pegs & Ed Wood. Name the actress.

WWTM -Kristy

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