Gen Z to Media Executives at CES 2020: "Challenge and Empower Us"

By Advancing Diversity Archives
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"Take a risk on us. We want to work hard, learn, and innovate." That was the sentiment among the Gen Z attendees who were interviewed during the MediaVillage Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors Induction Experience and Advancing a Diverse Workforce Career MeetUp, both held at CES 2020.

Clearly, those who are still early in their advertising, marketing, and media career are eager to make their mark, as well as make a positive impact. And the executives we spoke with — including several members of the Advancing Diversity Council and 2020 inductees to the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors — are just as enthusiastic about the possibilities and advantages gen Z brings to the industry.

There was a common theme among the attending executives: Gen Z has so much to offer. What they advocate for is important to all of us. Gen Z is demanding the changes so many of us have been advocating for years. They'll change everything for the better.

These executives also shared their advice for Gen Z: Be bold. Be a hand raiser. Opportunity comes to those who do the work. Most important, don't accept the truths from today; demand and make change.

Share the CES Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors Experience in this short video compilation.

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