George Will on Navigating These Remarkably Unsettling Times (Video)

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As the newest Senior Contributor for Nexstar's NewsNation, George Will delivers a blend of insights and intellectual perspectives at a time in American and global history when historical context is not only important but sorely lacking in today's news media. My Legends & Leaders Conversation with George ranged from the Russian-Ukrainian War and Supreme Court news coverage to baseball, and from the future of news to the role of social media. Recognized by the Wall St. Journal as "the most powerful journalist in America," a tribute he compares to being the "tallest building in Topeka," George can also be considered our most important historian. His unique understanding of today's news offers unequaled perspective and context. Not only will viewers of our conversation gain knowledge about today's world events and NewsNation's planned coverage of the 2022 midterm elections, but you'll also learn the current baseball players who he'd select if he were to update Men at Work, considered the greatest book about baseball ever. Join George and me for this wide ranging conversation below.

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