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Warmer weather brings baseball, barbecues, picnics and outdoor gatherings. These events usually have a few cold ones – beer. But how do Beer advertisers reach their purchasers on TV to make sure that they are purchasing their beer brand and if they are purchasing, how do they persuade them to purchase just one more case/bottle/can of their brand? Here’s a hint, it is 3 letters and they stand for The Right Audience. That’s right TRA!

As we see in this example of the top rated broadcast programs for the week of January 17, 2011, these programs are doing just an ok job of reaching heavy Beer purchasers. But Beer advertisers empowered with TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics® know the right environment in which to spend their TV dollars. These advertisers are minimizing their waste, increasing their sales and running to the bank with their increased return on TV investment! Here’s a toast to smarter ways to use television!

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