Go for the Gold with Cable and Live Sports Streaming During the 2024 Olympics

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As the world eagerly anticipates the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris this July, businesses have a unique and exciting opportunity to elevate their brand and connect with millions of engaged viewers during this iconic event, which only comes once every four years.

Multiscreen advertising on cable television and streaming platforms during the Paris Olympics is a golden opportunity to maximize your reach and impact while driving engagement and interaction with the influential audience segment of Olympics viewers.

Unmatched Reach and Excitement

The Olympics attract millions of viewers worldwide, spanning diverse demographics and interests. 3.05 billion unique viewers tuned in to coverage across linear TV and digital platforms during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, making them the most watched games ever on digital platforms. During the 16 days of events, there were over 28 billion video views globally, with peak viewership in the U.S. at over 33 million.

The opening ceremony for the last Summer Olympics, which historically has a larger audience than the Winter Games, drew 17 million people across all platforms. The excitement for this year’s opening ceremony continues to grow as Paris will stage the event “in the heart of the city” rather than in the traditional stadium; the parade of athletes will be held on the Seine River.

Another “first” premiering at the Summer Olympics will be breakdancing! While “breaking” might be a great fit for businesses hoping to reach a more youthful audience, 32 sports with 329 events are represented overall at the Paris Games, each drawing diverse fans and viewers.

The Olympics Viewer

Viewers are drawn to the Olympics for a multitude of reasons, from the love of competition and cultural significance to a strong sense of national pride. Over 70% of Americans watch live sports, so a significant portion of Olympic viewing consists of sports enthusiasts who are passionate about athletics and competition. Many enjoy the shared experience of watching with friends and family and for the wholesome content that appeals to viewers of all ages.

Audiences across every generation and socioeconomic category will be tuning, but some general trends and characteristics are commonly associated with the Olympic cable-viewing audience.

The age range runs from children to older adults, but a significant portion of viewers fall within the 50+ age range, with the average age being 52. The majority -- 72% -- are college-educated homeowners with an average household income of $90,202. (1) It’s clear that the Olympics attract a multicultural and diverse audience, and relatively equal levels of interest and excitement are represented across ethnicities.

The Streaming Shift

NBC has promised the most comprehensive streaming destination ever for the Olympic Games this year and pledged over 5,000 hours of live coverage throughout the games, a dedicated in-depth hub for all sports, and an interactive schedule with medal standing.

Streaming platforms offer an alternative avenue to reach audiences consuming content online and our partnerships grant your business access to premium CTV Inventory to reach those viewers.

So whether your future customers are cheering on favorites like Simone Biles and Steph Curry while watching via Optimum cable, live streaming via their favorite app, or catching up and engaging with clips on social media -- now is the time to develop a plan to reach them.

Our teams can help your business go for gold with a cohesive approach that will help you elevate your visibility, engage with audiences, and align with the spirit of this historic event before it sells out.

Secure your spot in the 2024 Summer Olympics programming now.

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