GroupM's Serena Anthony Empowers a Diverse Workforce with Innovative Programs and Visionary Leadership (Video)

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In a thought-provoking and insightful Legends & Leadership conversation, Jack Myers spoke with Serena Anthony, the Chief People Officer of GroupM N.A., to unravel the narrative of leadership, innovation, and diversity in the evolving media and advertising landscape. GroupM, recognized as the global media investment powerhouse within the WPP agency holding company, under Serena's stewardship in North America, is pioneering a transformative approach to building a diverse workforce rooted in the principles of inclusion and belonging.

Serena Anthony's journey, marked by deliberate action and forward-thinking, sheds light on progressive leadership steering GroupM's advances in scaling inclusivity and diversity programs. She shares, "It's about creating an environment where everyone feels they belong and can thrive. Our focus on DE&I initiatives is not just a moral imperative but a strategic business decision." This ethos is vividly reflected in the innovative resources and programs launched under her guidance, such as GroupM University and the LaunchPad program, which have been instrumental in retaining diverse entry-level talent. Anthony emphasizes the importance of these initiatives, stating, "Investing in our people's development and growth through such programs ensures we are building not just a workforce, but a community."

The conversation also delves deep into the challenges and successes of scaling DE&I initiatives, like the LaunchPad program, which Serena describes as a "critical component in our strategy to not only attract but also retain diverse talents." This program stands as a testament to GroupM's commitment to creating actionable pathways for emerging leaders in the industry, further enriched by the active solicitation of employee feedback to fine-tune and enhance the impact of these initiatives.

As the dialogue unfolds, Serena and Jack explore the nuanced evolution of workplace relationships in the post-COVID era, emphasizing the indispensability of human interaction amidst rising technological interfaces. Serena articulately points out, "While technology has been a great enabler, the magic happens when people connect personally, share ideas, and collaborate in spaces that foster creativity." This belief underpins GroupM's approach to encouraging in-office time, not as a mandate, but as a catalyst for engagement, creativity, and building stronger client relationships.

Highlighting the broader spectrum of DE&I beyond the workplace, the conversation touches upon the importance of community engagement, representation at industry events, and the strategic imperatives of maintaining a dialogue around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Serena Anthony's narrative is a compelling account of leadership that is not only visionary but also deeply humane and inclusive, steering GroupM towards a future where diversity and belonging are not just objectives but the very fabric of its culture.

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