Guiding Principles for Successful Multiscreen Campaigns

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Chances are this article is being read on a phone, computer, tablet or projected onto a TV. Screens are everywhere and often times as advertisers, finding the right audience and the right combination of screens to see a brand's content can be challenging. Despite advancements in advertising solutions, marketers are struggling with how to reach the right audiences consistently and efficiently across all devices. According to a 2021 study conducted by Deloitte on connectivity and mobile trends, the average home has 25 connected devices.

Making the Complex Simple

There are core fundamental steps one can take to set up effective campaigns to reach audiences across multiple platforms and meet key performance indicators (KPI's). Spectrum Reach has curated a series of articles with MediaVillage to illustrate how to utilize a multiscreen approach, including insights on cross-screen measurement tools that will help businesses ensure campaigns are successful. In this first article, we'll highlight a few guiding principles.

Develop a Holistic Media Approach

The importance of utilizing a multiscreen approach to reach audiences across multiple platforms cannot be overstated. Spectrum Reach's proprietary data, which combines anonymized and aggregated data with third-party datasets to glean actionable insights for advertisers, validates the significance:

  • When advertisers add Streaming TV to a linear-only campaign, the potential reach of the campaign can increase by 28%.1
  • In a typical multiscreen TV campaign, the linear TV portion provides a +363% lift to the reach of Streaming TV portion alone.1
  • And, on average, households exposed to a campaign's ads more than double when advertising on both linear TV and streaming TV, compared to linear TV or streaming TV alone.1
  • Multiscreen campaigns produce a 250% higher rate of purchase frequency than do single solution campaigns, according to Omnisend's 2019 Annual Report.

To demonstrate success, Spectrum Reach, IHS Markit and Experian put a multiscreen attribution model to work and measured the impact of a multiscreen campaign on a mid-size auto dealership in Florida. Palm Coast Ford had an opportunity to grow their business leveraging an updated media plan and creative designed to conquest sales in a new geography through the implementation of a targeted multiscreen campaign.

  • After a three-month flight, the campaign increased site traffic by 52%, and their sales were up 13%.
  • Sales in the conquest geography supported by the dealership for the first time with TV advertising went up 263%.
  • Spectrum households accounted for 61% of all Palm Coast Ford sales, and 80% of that group were exposed to the Palm Coast Ford commercial. Viewers that were exposed to the ad were two times more likely to buy a new vehicle from the dealership than those who didn't see the ad, based on data collected in a Spectrum Reach, Experian, and IHS Markit Custom Case study in 2021.2

When an advertiser delivers the right message to the right audience across devices, they can connect effectively and efficiently with them, no matter where they're consuming media.

The Right Attribution Measurement is Deterministic + Multiscreen

Not all attribution is equal. Spectrum Reach has partnered with TVSquared and Blockgraph to offer its first-ever deterministic multiscreen attribution solution. Advertisers can now more precisely and consistently evaluate the effectiveness of their cross-platform TV buys in near real time.

"Advertisers want one-stop, real-time measurement capabilities from their multiscreen TV campaigns" says Rob Klippel, Senior Vice President, Advanced Advertising Products and Strategy at Spectrum Reach. "Through our partnership with Blockgraph and TVSquared, we are able to answer that call for our advertisers across linear and connected TVs. The offering allows us to resolve identity in a privacy-compliant way, giving us the power to truly unify measurement and provide exact actions and insights into digital, linear and streaming TV campaigns."

Take it Further. Insist on Brand Safety Credentials and Go Platinum.

As cybercrimes increase, advertisers must continue to focus on ensuring brand safety for their clients. The right advertising partner will make sure a marketer's advertisements are where they should be and when they are supposed to be there. Advertisers should identify a partner who is TAG-Certified against fraud, as well as Moat-verified. The higher the brand safety credentials, the more confident advertisers will feel that they are truly reaching their audience in the proper environments without being compromised.

Spectrum Reach adheres to the highest brand safety and supply quality standards and is TAG Platinum Certified--earning all four prestigious and desired TAG seals: Certified against Fraud, Certified against Piracy, Certified Against Malware, and Brand Safety Certified. Additionally, Spectrum Reach's commitment to protect their clients' brand and reduction of risk to misplacement of ads is also fortified by their Moat verification.

As multiscreen continues to grow, brand safety should be in the forefront of a marketer's decisions as they build campaigns.

Find the Right Partner for your Multiscreen Approach

Spectrum Reach has direct partnerships and carriage agreements with all the major premium cable networks, as well as direct deals and access to private marketplace inventory. With this unique combination, Spectrum Reach's inventory includes over 450 networks and publishers on TV and Streaming TV, thousands of brand-safe websites, and advertising capability across the top three search engines. This gives Spectrum Reach unmatched reach and scale of potentially 100 percent in any market.3 Spectrum Reach also has exclusive local advertising access on:

  • Spectrum TV App
  • Spectrum Video On-Demand
  • Spectrum News

These partnerships and assets allow Spectrum Reach to deliver advertising over thousands of hours of premium programming and streaming services, billions of potential consumer impressions on every screen and device, and billions of data points that would translate into the insights and ideas that turn consumers into customers.

"Spectrum Reach has a unique ability to leverage our data and billions of impressions to reach our advertiser's targeted customers, using aggregated and de-identified data, thus delivering smarter media campaigns," says Kim Norris, Group Vice President of Advanced Advertising Sales. "We are able to deliver the right message to the right customer across devices and screens and then measure and optimize those campaigns based on results. Media planning and buying for TV and digital media has never been smarter."

To stay in touch with the latest multiscreen innovations, savvy marketers should follow this exciting five-part series on multiscreen advertising to learn the latest about audience-based buying, attribution in a cookie-less world, and converting to a standard of impressions.

Advertisers looking to expand their knowledge about how Spectrum Reach can help improve an agency's effectiveness with multiscreen marketing can click here for more information.

1 Spectrum Reach AM Campaign Data. Date – 4th Quarter '20. O&O & Partner Affiliates. Includes all campaigns with Streaming TV & Linear. Total Campaigns – 5,758. Streaming TV Lift - % of new HHs reached. **Results based on averages, results will vary and not all campaigns will achieve +28% lift).

2 Spectrum Reach, Custom Case study: How Campaign Attribution Made Palm Coast Ford, a Believer in Multiscreen Media. Data partners: Experian, IHS Markit. Campaign time period: Dec 14, 2020 – Feb 28, 2021. Traffic, Leads and Sales based on purchased made by exposed HH within 90 days of exposure. Conquest: sales Oct-Dec 2021 compared to Jan-Apr 2021

3 Source: Scarborough, Top-Tier Markets: Scarborough USA+ 2021 Release 1, Mid-Tier Markets: Latest available surveys.

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