Hacking Medicine: The Digital Health Revolution

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This week, on Mindshare’s Culture Vulture Live, Alexis Fragale explores the digital healthcare revolution.

The past few years have seen an explosion in digital health products, fitness trackers, tele-medicine programs, and more. It’s brought us more data, and faster collection of it, than we’ve ever seen before in personal care – and a lot of opportunities for using that data to help solve healthcare issues.


But in order to truly reach wide-scale adoption for this technology, this is one revolution that also needs the support of big hospitals and insurance companies. That’s where the Hacking Medicine Institute comes in. It’s a new, independent nonprofit, spun out of MIT’s Hacking Medicine program.

HMI is bringing together global scientists and doctors, as well as healthcare leaders such as policymakers, payers, and providers. Their mission is to measure, compare, and prove the safety and effectiveness of these new health tech products. And by doing so, they’ll work to improve access to these tools and solutions, and reduce costs to create a healthier population across the globe.

Brands and marketers should take note. In a previous episode, we talked about the growing trend of Outsourcing Control, and the potential for biometric data. In the health and fitness space, that trend is moving full speed ahead – and now it’s poised to get huge support from established leaders.

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