The answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question: Billy Crystal played Jody Dallas on the show Soap. One of the first openly gay characters on television.

FIRST FIVES: Jim Wall, Dan Realson, Allison Shapiro, Lance Beitler & Lori DeCillis

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Walking Dead (10-11p)-AMC 5.1/9.5

Walking Dead (9-10p)-AMC 1.6/3.2

Breaking Amish-TLC 1.3/3.3

Walking Dead (8-9p)-AMC 1.1/2.4Kristy Carruba

Long Island Medium-TLC 1.1/2.9

Monday's Broadcast Top 5

The Voice-NBC 4.2/11.9

Presidential Debate #3-NBC 3.9/10.8

Presidential Debate #3-ABC 2.8/10.2

Dancing with the Stars-ABC 2.4/13.2

Presidential Debate #3-CBS 2.2/7.5

Monday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

MLB Playoffs Giants/Cardinals-FOX 322,250

Presidential Debate #3 - NBC 206,766

Presidential Debate #3 - CBS 190,966

Presidential Debate #3 - ABC 175,204

Presidential Debate #3 - Univision 156,266

Monday's Cable Top 5

Monday Night Football-ESPN 4.5/10.6

Presidential Debate #3 -FOX News 2.3/11.4

Presidential Debate #3-CNN 1.9/5.8

WWE-USA 1.4/3.5

Presidential Debate #3-MSNBC 1.1/4.0

Monday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

The Bad Girls Club-Oxygen 439,022

Presidential Debate #3 - MSNBC 221,478

Presidential Debate #3 - FOX News 214,185

Monday Night Football-ESPN 213,823

WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 207,622

-Final Battle Round night on The Voice. Only Drooptina had a steal left and Adam's done already, so first up was Team Drooptina. First up was Adriana, the chick who was held at gunpoint in her home vs. backup singer Jordan Pruitt. They performed Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold" and were both The+Voiceequally amazing. My choice was Adriana and Saggy agreed with me. Total bummer that nobody BUT Saggy had a steal to use. 2nd round of the night...Kelly vs. Michaela performing Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself for Loving You". They both did a great job, I liked Michaela better even with her Cameron Diaz in "Something About Mary" hair. Michaela won the battle and Droopy didn't use her steal on Adriana, but she's young and she'll turn up somewhere soon I'm sure. The last battle was Titanium performed by Chevonne and Avery for Team CeeLo. They were truly amazing, no way I could pick a winner and thank goodness I didn't have to. CeeLo chose Avery and Droopy stole Chevonne, so she stays on the show. Next week, a new part of the competition...The Knockout Rounds which will cut teams from 8 to 5...can't wait!

-So many people I know and so many WWTM readers watch Happy Endings and ALWAYS tell me how funny it is. I checked it out when it first started and I thought it was a Friends wannabe and bagged it. The timing worked out for me to check it out for a second Happy+Endingstime last night for the season premiere. I was open to it, I actually wanted to like it and wanted to laugh and I just didn't. The entire Penny in a body cast and Max "Miserying" her storyline was really just plain stupid. What kind of BFF would actually keep their bud in a body cast one second longer than necessary just to get some cheap thrills with the physical therapist...come on? Dave faking being a stay at home husband also lame.

Alex and Dave casually dating and then not casually dating did nothing for me. All I was hoping for the entire time was for Brian Austin Green to come back and see Penny, and he never showed up. I'm usually right about these things. I'm not sure if I'm really missing something in Happy Endings or what, but I honestly don't think it's that great or at least the premiere wasn't. Not sure what to do now...

-A special edition of the X Factor to bring people up to speed on who the final 16 are before the show takes a break for the World Series aired last night. If you remember, last week with the MLB Playoffs, the show was delayed and then cut short during Demi Lovato's picks. Demi chose The+X+FactorJennel, Willie, Paige & Cece. Nick and Jillian were sent home. OMG the tears...the suspense, the Coldplay "Fix You" soundtrack underscore… could they have made it any more dramatic? I'm just happy that the Cece/Paige war will continue. For me, that's been the most compelling part of the show so far. Simon's picks were of course the last to be revealed. Sister C, Lyric 145, Lylas and Emblem3 were all put through and Dope Crisis, and Playback were sent home. I'm obsessed with Queen what's her name, the girl with the headphones and sparkly eye patch. Has it been revealed yet if the eye patch is a fashion statement or medical necessity? I don't think so, but enquiring minds want to know.

-Parenthood is killing me. Just killing me. Of course, Max's speech for Student Council President Parenthoodwas the exact same day and time as Christina's surgery. Hattie covered for her parents and was awesome, as was Max and the kids elected him President. Everything's great right? This is Parenthood...nope...while Christina's surgery went well, she is going to have to go through chemo therapy. Devastating news that they chose not to share with Hattie so that she would head back to Cornell and not worry about her Mom. I loved how the brothers and sisters were all there for Adam during Christina's surgery. It felt right and real. In addition to all of that, Sarah and Drew moved in with Mark which didn't go that smoothly especially because Mark didn't have cable. (Can you believe he prefers reading books instead of watching Bravo?) Luke Cafferty from Friday Night Lights, aka Brian, had a decent date with Amber but didn't take her up on her offer to come in for a sleepover (not the Jimmy Fallon kind...the other kind). He wants to go slow, which is a new concept for Amber. Next week chemo therapy...Oyyyyy

And now, herrrrreeeees the Ed Dancing With the Stars update!

Guilty Pleasure Week continues. This is the week where the stars picked their guilty pleasures songs and no one gets eliminated.

After Melissa Rycroft and Tony danced to Britney Spears' Toxic, Host Tom and Judge Len got into it a bit. Fun to watch but there's nothing to see here. Move along. The judges felt Melissa was grittier than normal which they liked and rewarded her for it. Dancing with the Stars

Shawn Johnson and Derek danced to the theme from Titanic. Shawn was the sexiest she's ever been and Derek dies at the end. Which seems fair to me (and likely the other dancers) since Derek has never gotten stuck with a Cloris Leachman, Steve Wozniak or Kirstie Alley type. His partners always have the potential to win – which they have, three times!

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina came back from their slip-up the week before and danced to Give it to me Baby. We saw some googly eyes during their packages the last two nights so they could be a couple to watch. But strangely, Carrie Ann pointed out that they need to work on how they work together as a team and I agree. Chemistry off the dance floor but not on it.

Sabrina Bryan and Louie danced to So This Is Love from Cinderella. It was elegant and prop-less. Well, except for a shoe of course. They simply told the story of Cinderella and got the highest scores of the night.

Team Gangnam Style danced their freestyle. Maks and Kristie, Gilles and Peta, Emmitt and Cheryl, Kelly and Val. Thumbs up to Maks for putting Gilles in his place when he tried to weigh in on choreography during the package. You are not the pro, Gilles.

Overall, the judges loved Team Gangnam Style, but it was no Team Call Me Maybe from the night before.

At the moment, it's Kelly Monaco who should be going home. But I won't officially handicap this week since there's no elimination. Instead, let's take a look at Carrie Ann's fall from grace.

See you next week!

-On Monday night's Watch What Happen's Live, Andy Cohen's guests were Jamie Lyn Siegler and Scott Baio. You'd think that Scott Baio would have been the highlight of the show for me, and don't get me wrong he was awesome. You could tell he had never seen WWHL before, but he was a great sport. He played "Plead the Fifth" and "Andy loves Crotchy." He had no idea who the Jamie+Lynn+Sigler+and+Scott+BaioHousewives were or who Honey Boo Boo is. While he was great, it was something that Jamie Lyn Siegler revealed that got me obsessively googling. Jamie Lyn and her friends are REALLY into Big Brother (like someone else I know) and apparently there is a company called "Reality Rush" that will put together any reality experience for any large group. (For a small nominal fee I'm sure). Jamie and 12 of her friends, just finished a 3 day game of Big Brother. What's even cooler was that Dan from Big Brother flew in and came to their game. SOOOO JEALOUS! According to the website, it's currently only available on the west coast, but if it EVER comes to NYC...I am so playing! Check it out!

-Monday night's 3rd Presidential Debate was seen by 59.2 million people (not me though). This was 2.7 million more viewers than in 2008

-I can breathe a sigh of relief for a few FBFF's show, Guys with Kids received an order for 5 more scripts. While it's not the news we wanted (a full season order is the holy grail) it's still good news. Now if Jimmy would just stop by to go over some script ideas, I think we'd probably make a good team on this project. Congrats Jimmy...celebratory snacks and surprises are awaiting you in Tenafly NJ!!!

-Good news for two of CBS's primetime dramas, Vegas and Elementary, both received full season orders yesterday from CBS.

For any of you Breaking Bad fans, you HAVE to see this parody...OMG it's BRILLIANT! Check it out! You'll be singing it all day!

-Yesterday, Apple announced a smaller, thinner iPad mini, a Mac Mini, a new Macbook Pro, and a thinner faster iMac. I'm sure EVERYONE will chuck their bigger, fatter, slower stuff all of this smaller, thinner stuff because everyone just does whatever Apple wants them to do. I admit it, I have an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook Pro laptop and an IMac desktop, but I'm not chucking any of them just because Apple has new versions. Will there ever be Apple backlash? Stock price dropped a bit yesterday. I don't know...something about it all made me angry. I wonder what Steve would say about all this. This video cheered me up...and made me feel a bit stupid.

Wednesday's Trivia Question: With Scott Baio's resurgence lately, I thought we would do a Scott Baio trivia question: On Happy Days, what was Chachi's signature line?

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