Hell in a Hand-Basket? Or Just a Little Dysfunction?

By Paul Maxwell Report Archives
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OK, so the world is officially in turmoil and all three branches of government in the USA are impotent. Consider the madness:

The Supreme Court isn't -- not when it can't judge. The President gets rebuked as paralysis continues to win. Congress just simply quit any attempt to govern or legislate and looks more foolish every day.

Meanwhile, Brexit happened. Stocks tanked. Bye-bye EU? The EU "elite" aren't. Putin is grinning. 

The ripple effects of Brexit are just starting.  Which poses the burning question: which New York-born politician has better hair?  Trump or Boris Johnson?  That seems more important than who can win … because, this year, just about anyone might.

Media stocks dropped along with most listings in a Brexit panic. Uncertainty reigns. But the Federal Confusion Commission is on a roll.

Yep, the FCC is busy, busy, busy. There's 5G spectrum – with limits – promises.  More spectrum to come to enable 5G.

There's the tightening restrictions on "Team Telecom." A shot clock for the arcane review process of deals that more resembles a black hole than a process.

There's the "contraband cellphone" conundrum.  Overcharging for prisoners seems like taking punishment too far; but the so-called solutions -- so far -- cause more problems.

There's the challenge of handling fallout from the Senate beating up cable for billing practices.  All that overcharging met with lame promises to "do better."

And, oh yeah, there's that pesky set-top boxes versus apps brouhaha.

How come the only part of the Federal government unit getting anything done is Tom Wheeler's?

There's that funding bill the House passed that takes away any way for the FCC to regulate the Internet, continue the lifeline move to broadband and more … but it will likely get vetoed if it makes it to the President's desk.

Good times!

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