Hey! Social Media Ad Dropouts … Here's a Re-Purpose for the Meantime

By Paul Maxwell Report Archives
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At last! Major advertisers have begun to collectively pressure Social Media companies over hate for profit.

It's also about time!

For the record, here's a list (constantly updated) of firms pausing on advertising in Facebook and other major social media establishments who fail to reasonably police postings.

But these major consumer product companies shouldn't stop all advertising … instead, they should look to re-invigorate local outlets by re-advertising in local newspapers, newsletters, TV, cable providers, radio, and Internet outlets.

Let's go back to media that works for the markets, the neighborhoods, and the citizens as much as for the advertisers.

The major tech companies on the pretty-much-free (for them) Internet long ago soaked up ridiculous amounts of what was once local advertising … often adjacent to local and national news stories purloined from the people who actually created them.

The after effects of so-called network neutrality — coupled with the on-again, off-again, on-again light touch regulation — points to beginnings of what might become a movement to not just regulate more again but to raise the specter of nationalization in the name of universal access at a "fair" price.

Shades of American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc. Part IV.

Or, to put it another way, American Telecommunications, Inc. (ATI). Or, how about United States Internet, Inc. (USII)? Or Broadband Access Deployment, Inc. (BAD, Inc.)?

I think we all want to avoid that draconian concept … but unless the marketplace serves the people, that could happen.

Random Notes:

•A recommendation … if you don't already, I suggest you subscribe to Judd Legum's Popular Information newsletter (here: popularinformation@substack.com). He charges only $60/year and his coverage has more impact on the current marketplace than any other hundred newsletters.

• Other recommended reading: The Economist, June 17th page 51: "Advertising/The new admen." No surprise online is growing (with Facebook leading, Google sliding slightly and Amazon on the outside and everything else fading). Which begs the question about local … can it even exist. I hope so. The key will be online publishing for what locals really need to know. Much as BtoB works, I think it is possible. I pray it is possible! Also, hire a good salesperson.

• Our American pandemic on steroids is certainly proving that broadband is a necessity for survival. So, nice to see some government aid maybe on the way; HR 7302 would provide $100B for underserved areas. In South Dakota, the state is helping fund 14 projects with grants to ACA Connects members.

• Google has said it will pay some publishers for content … in Germany, Australia, and Brazil.

• In the category of "told you so," prices are going up fast for those streaming services as (shocking!) programmers raise their rates! Shades of cable subscriber fees! Who knew? Enjoy those alternative cheaper packages while you can.

• Interesting local move by indie local cable ad management company Viamedia: it is running spots asking viewers in 75 markets to upload 15- and 30-second spots by business owners, minorities and law enforcement about how they are working together in their communities … the spots will run free of charge as vetted PSAs.

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