The answer to Monday's Oscar Trivia Question: Last year's winner for Best Picture was The Artist

FIRST FIVE : Bobby Aguilera, Lance Beitler, Neil Moffatt, Justin Jones, & Dan Realson

Honorable Mention: Sean Reardon

Friday's Cable Top 5


Sunday's Broadcast Top 5

The Amazing Race-CBS 2.4/9.5
Family Guy-FOX 2.4/4.8
Once Upon a Time-ABC 2.3/7.5 Kristy Carruba
The Simpsons-FOX 2.0/4.6
Revenge-ABC 1.8/5.9
Sunday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

Simpsons-FOX 99,320

Downton Abbey-PBS 83,802

Once Upon at Time-ABC 69,714
Family Guy-FOX 56,755
The Amazing Race-CBS 55,767

Sunday's Cable Top 5


Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
NBA All Star Game-TNT 3,075,307
The Walking Dead-AMC 744,382
Talking Dead-AMC 43,974

Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 34,892
NHL Hockey-NBC Sports 29,812

Early Morning News Ratings for the week of 2/413-2/8/13
ABC: GMA 1.7/2.0
NBC: Today 1.7/1.
CBS: This Morning 1.0/1.2

- Last night, How I Met Your Mother was horrible. We've seen it all a million times before. EachHow I Met Your Mother one of the gang gave their version of what happened...this time it was their version of what happened the last time they bumped into "The Captain" aka Kyle MacLachlan, aka Agent Dale Cooper, aka Zoey's ex-husband. Net/net, not much happened other than he offered Lily a job as an art consultant. No mention at all of's really getting on my nerves.

-Rules of Engagement didn't rule at all this week. Sometimes, you can take the joke too far. That's what happened in this episode. Jen was waiting for her Mom's wedding dress to arrive. It came, Adam, being ultra-stupid, couldn't open the simply taped box so he used a massive knife and stabbed the box open resulting in a slashed up horror film dress. Being ultra stupid, he threw the box and the dress out the window to hide it from Jen. The whole thing was just SO ridiculous. He went to get the dress, and of course it fell on the telephone wires that JUST so happened to be over the garbage guess what Rules of Engagementhappened? Adam and the dress ended up in the dumpster. Of course they did. We know Adam is stupid and most of the time it works, this time they just carried it WAY too far. In addition to that, Liz wanted to try and have a baby because she'd just be THE best Mom ever...NOT. Russell was going to be the donor but at the last second he pulled out. (hey there has to be something funny about the show this!) Timmy liked a woman from work who liked somebody else. Still no baby for Jeff and Audrey, still hoping they forget about this baby altogether or just keep postponing its arrival.

-All of the women on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are just out of their minds. Kim threw a party to reveal her new nose that looked pretty similar to her old one. Taylor couldn't make it because she was flying off to Beaver Creek for a few days with a complete stranger AND had noReal Housewives of Beverly Hills idea that Kyle had her daughter. Lisa's former house burned down (she had already sold it) and if you're a regular viewer, then you know that her house was right across the street from Adrienne's. Adrienne didn't want her kids to die of smoke inhalation, so she grabbed them and got out of dodge. Paul however, stayed put. Can't believe it was a year ago since Kyle's white party, but it was. During this year's extravaganza, Brandi, Paul and Adrienne still argued over whether they did or did not sue each other. I still have no clue and I'm starting not to even care anymore. I think they all made up but who knows?

News & Information:

-Presidents Day weekend the perfect time for Nat Geo to launch its first original drama, Killing Lincoln. The show, based on Bill O'Reilly's book, delivered the networks largest audience ever with 3.4 million viewers. I wonder if anyone got it confused with the Oscar nominated film, Lincoln and thought they should watch it before the show this Sunday? I'm shocked that so many people are THAT into Lincoln, but I'm not into politics, so maybe I'm in the minority on this one.

-Even though the NBA All-Star Weekend sucked big time, the game on TNT Sunday night delivered 8 million viewers which was up 13% vs. last year. I watched the skills competition and the slam dunk competition and thought it was just awful. I didn't watch the game because I was watching the ultra-ultra-upsetting Downton Abbey finale. I'm betting all viewers would have been better off watching the season premiere of The Amazing Race instead.

-Totally not a big shocker at all because she stunk so badly, but in case you hadn't heard...Khloe Kardashian will NOT be coming back to the X Factor next season and while it's not confirmed yet, I'm betting Mario will be. He doesn't need any arm candy at all, he can carry the show by himself. Gotta be honest, I love to see a Kardashian fail.

-I know this is ridiculous, but I am STILL reeling from Sunday's Downton Abbey. I read that in Britain the final episode of Season 3 aired in Britain during Christmas which is just an evil thing to do don't ya think?

-Last night was the kick off for The Biggest Loser's joint promotion with Shine America (no idea what that is) and Pinterest. Pretty sure that this is the first big Pinterest integration I've heard about. I don't watch TBL, but from what I've read, NBC is creating fitness and food ideas & tips that you can "Pin" to create your own inspiration board. Not sure at all where Shine America fits into the scheme of things, but if you are watching the show, you probably are well aware of this new program. I was addicted to Pinterest for a while, and then...just like that...lost interest in it. It's a good place to go when you are looking for ideas for a new mudroom or a recipe or something like that, but I don't visit every day anymore. What about you guys? Any "pinners" out there?

-As promised, part 2 of Zack Galfinikas's Oscar edition of Between Two Ferns.

-More Oscar coverage, have you seen Django Unchained yet? Great movie, so great that SNL spoofed it this past Saturday. Check it out.

-CBS pulled The Job after two airings from its Friday night lineup and will throw Undercover Boss in its place for now. Another one bites the dust.

-What the what??? Prince Michael Jackson, Michael's 16 year old son, got a gig on Entertainment Tonight. I guess he doesn't have to go to school and learn anything, and is completely qualified for this "job" because he's the son of a dead pop star? This world is nuts.

-Just thought you guys would be interested in these numbers: Nothing THAT shocking here at all.-


Tuesday's Oscar Trivia Question: Name the two movies that Daniel Day Lewis won his previous two Best Actor awards for. There will be a point for each correct answer.


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