Hispanic Media Lead Upfront Out of Gate

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Watch Jack Myers' exclusive interview with David Lawenda, president of advertising sales and marketing for Univision Communications. During this year's Upfront presentation season, more Hispanic Media companies participated than ever before, led by Univision, and joined by its sister networks Galavision and Telefutura, plus NBCU's Telemundo, Nuvo TV, MiTu, ESPN Desportes, Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más, and several others. David explains why the sudden explosion of Hispanic media making Upfront pitches; how Upfront market economics are shaping up for Hispanic TV networks; why advertisers are shifting more money to Hispanic TV this year vs. the past couple years; and what's new and different at Univision this year. Jack Myers Video Reports are underwritten by subscribers to the weekly Jack Myers Media Business Report and can be viewed at www.jackmyers.com, Reuters Insider and YouTube.


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