How Beer Can Help You Find Serenity

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This week on Mindshare's Culture Vulture Live, Alex Spaseff teaches us all about Beer Yoga.

Launched in Germany, BierYoga is a class where a bottle of beer is incorporated into your yoga poses, whether it's downward dog or a sun salutation. And of course, at the end of class, you get to drink the beer for a refreshing job well done. The class was designed by two professional yoga instructors, who were inspired by seeing something like it at Burning Man in the U.S. And now, after growing in popularity in Germany, this class recently made its way to Australia as well.

Beer Yoga follows a trend that we've been tracking at Mindshare called Mind(ful) Optimization. More and more, people are prioritizing serenity and mindfulness, and they're looking for new ways to get it. We're seeing everything from forest bathing, to outdoor preschools, to guided virtual reality meditation and more.

For example, an elementary school in Baltimore has garnered press for its Mindful Moment Room. In the past, misbehaving kids were punished with detention or sent to the principal's office. But now, these kids are being encouraged to meditate or go through breathing exercises to help them calm down.

For marketers, it's a good idea to think about the mindfulness trend and what it means specifically for your category, brand and target consumers. And especially as more and more people seek peace of mind, consider when your messages are being deployed to make sure you have breaks to respect consumers' personal space.

You can learn more about the Mind(ful) Optimization trend in our Culture Vulture Trends report at

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