How DeepIntent Delivers Audience Quality and Script Lift for Pharma Advertisers

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There are more than 20,000 prescription drugs approved for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration. And yet, all the brands behind them have one big thing in common: A goal of increasing audience quality (AQ) and driving new-to-brand prescriptions (NBRx).

Pharma advertisers need fast, transparent, actionable measurement. This provides timely insights and powers the automatic, real-time optimizations that enable them to influence and optimize their healthcare provider (HCP) and patient campaigns through the funnel. Ultimately, they need to answer these questions: Are they reaching the right verified patients and HCPs? Are they meeting in a clinical setting? Are they writing and filling scripts?

The industry's fastest cross-platform measurement solution based on clinical data, only DeepIntent Outcomes™ offers daily AQ and script lift metrics. With patentedtechnologythat links real-world clinical data with impression data, Outcomes’ machine-learning algorithms automatically optimize campaigns toward AQ and scriptperformance. The algorithms spend three or four weeks "learning" how to best reach the most high-value patients and HCPs. From there, ongoing machine learning and bid optimization maximizescript volume at the lowest possible cost.

Outcomes is currently used across more than 1,200 campaigns by more than 115 pharma brands, answering those questions and achieving their goals. One of those brands is an antiviral medication used to treat symptoms of an infectious disease. Outcomes optimizations improved AQ for all audiences, including third-party segments onboarded from industry-leadingdata providers.

That delivered 865% greater AQ vs. the disease prevalence from the U.S. population. Ads reached patients who were more likely to be condition sufferers, ultimately driving NBRx. The campaign contributed to more than 2,400 incremental NBRx.

To learn more, downloadRevolutionizing Healthcare Advertising: How DeepIntent Outcomes™ Delivers Exceptional Performance for Leading Pharma Brands, which also includes pharma brands’ success stories such as:

  • Increasing AQ by up to 164% throughout a campaign
  • Driving NBRx by 154% with a combination of connected TV, online video, and display
  • Influencing 27% script lift within a campaign’s first 120 days
  • Growing verified patient reach while reducing cost-per-verified patient (CPVP) by 37%
  • Presentation and more

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