The answer to Monday's Trivia Question: Jack Donaghey's assistant on “30 Rock” is Jonathan.

First Five: Mike O'Dea, Karen Feldman, Alex Nagler, Monica Caraffa and Priscilla Paez

Honorable Mention: James Pensabene

Friday's Cable Top 5
Gold Rush-Discovery 1.2/3.3
WWE Smackdown-Syfy .8/2.6
Modern Family-USA .7/1.3
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.6
Bering Sea Gold-Discovery .7/2.0

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5

NFL Football-NBC 9.1/25.0 25 MILLION PEOPLE!!!
Football Night in America-NBC 6.9/20.0
Almost Human-FOX 3.1/9.1
Family Guy-FOX 2.2/4.3
Amazing Race-CBS 2.0/9.0

Sunday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
NFL Football-NBC 200,340
Once Upon a Time-ABC 98,526
The Mentalist-CBS 79,753
Almost Human-FOX 55,100
Mira Quien Baila-Univision 52,601

Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
The Walking Dead-AMC 467,321
Teen Nick 2013 HALO Awards-Nick 73,214
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 52,834
Talking Dead-AMC 38,214
Total Divas-E! 33,275

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
The Walking Dead-AMC 262,300 Tweets
Once Upon a Time-ABC 63,900 Tweets
TeenNick 2013 HALO Awards-61,200 Tweets
Almost Human-FOX 23,600 Tweets
Talking Dead-AMC 26,500 Tweets

Top 5 DVR'ed shows for the week of 10/28/13-11/3/13
The Blacklist-NBC From a 3.1 to a 5.1 (+65%)
Grey's Anatomy-ABC From a 2.6 to a 4.6 (+77%)
Scandal-ABC From a 2.9 to a4.6 (+59%)
How I Met Your Mother-CBS From a 3.0 to a 4.4 (+47%)
Nashville-ABC From a 1.4 to a 2.8 (+100%)

How I Met Your Mother
If there's one thing Carter and Craig know how to do right, it's a musical number and last night’s “HIMYM” had a GREAT one! But wait...I'm getting ahead of myself. It was 27 hours before the wedding (you know, the one that's not happening until May) and the dads showed up. Barney's dad (John Lithgow) and his brother James' dad (Ben Vereen). Barney and James both dream of their dads getting back with their mom, the chick from “Six Feet Under.” Que musical number now. Turns out, Ben and “Six Feet Under” chick are have been secretly spending time together which bummed Barney out until Robin talked him off the ledge. On the other side of the Inn, Ted, aka Detective Mosby, was trying to figure out who spilled ink on a very special photo Barney got for Robin that he was in charge of. (Name the person in the photo for 5 points.) Billy Zabka, aka Johnny Lawrence from “Karate Kid,” was the culprit, but he just needed to feel special since everyone hates him and throws popcorn at him because he's stereotyped as a bad guy from his 80's movies. To make him feel better, Ted gave him the fake credit for saving the photo and the day in Barney's eyes. I can't imagine anyone even cares about Marshall and Daphne at this point, but they did have a funny moment singing a signature “HIMYM” song. The true fan will know the name of the song and the band for 5 bonus points.

Hart of Dixie

I have no idea what Scott Porter, aka George Tucker, is doing these days, but damn he looks good. I'm hoping it's a good trainer and a good diet and not the A-Rod method for bulking up. Either way, he seems to have his shirt off a lot more lately which is obviously enjoyable. To be honest, that was the only thing enjoyable about this week’s episode of “Hart of Dixie.” Levon was training the town for the big relay race because, as we all know, Blue Bell has SOME event in the town square every single week. Nobody seems to work other than Wade and the two doctors, so everyone else has time to train, make costumes or decorate anything at any time. Joel's got writer’s block and is hanging out playing video games with Wade until Wade's idiotic ex-brother-in-laws kidnap him for beer. Joel didn't care because of course he had so much fun it ended his writer’s block. Oy vey! Annabeth and Lavon were still apart because of her ultimatum so she made 4 million jars of jam and he trained the relay team like a lunatic. Of course they got back together and of course Blue Bell beat Fillmore in the race. They really need to work on their kissing, it looks like the last thing they want to do is kiss each other. Not sure if it's a personal thing or bad breath or what, but their kissing needs work. It wasn't a total loss of an episode. Looks like Brick's going to be a Daddy...again. Shelby's back and she's VERY pregnant!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Just when I thought I'd seen it all Andy Cohen does it again. He found the wackiest Housewife of them all with Carlton. I don't watch all of the “Housewives.” I don't watch “O.C.,” “Miami” or “NYC” anymore, so I could be wrong. There could be someone more insane, but you have to check this Carlton chick out. I honestly don't know what to make of her. She's a Wicca (a witch that practices white magic, not dark magic). She's married to a man, but seems to always be talking about beautiful women. She made sure her son’s nanny was a beautiful woman. She will only be friends with beautiful women and she seems to make a lot of comments that are intentionally misleading about her feelings for women. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Her house is filled with crystal balls and crosses and she even has a confessional in the kitchen. Carlton had the entire cast over to her Gothic castle for lunch and every single thing Kyle said Carlton found offensive, but when Brandi called her a see you next Tuesday, she sort of enjoyed it. Brandi's still totally inappropriate, and a sh*t stirrer, which is sort of getting old for me. Lisa's still proper and pink. Kyle and Kim are still boring and Yolanda's sort of my new fave. Even with her crazy Lyme Disease issue, there's something enjoyable there.

News & Information

-I love TV! I really really love it! Duhhh, right? Everyone keeps talking about the demise of TV, nobody is watching, blah, blah, blah. That couldn't be further from the truth. Kevin Reilly, the current Chairman of Fox Entertainment, wrote a great (short) article in this week’s Adweek that I just love. I'm betting he loves TV as much as I do. He's got a great job and he's really pretty good at it, too! Anyway, the article was so good (and did I mention short?) I had to post it. Thanks Kevin, couldn't agree more with everything you wrote. Oh, and thanks for keeping it short, sweet and to the point!

-I definitely planned on checking out Generation Cryo. Not sure if I'll view it via the MTV app, where the show has already been pre-released, or on the network, but I thought it sounded kind of interesting. It's a documentary type thing about a teen who finds out she has at least 15 half-siblings by a sperm donor dad. The show airs Monday on MTV in the "10 Spot" but I'll let you know if I check it out sooner. MTV pre-released their series “Wait Til Next Year” via their app with great success so I'm betting this one does well too.

-My new research project. If you have a minute to email me, or post on my Facebook page, I'm curious as to all the different media you all consume in a given day. Here's my list: WPLJ-FM, Sirius, TVbytheNumbers, zap2it, TheWrap, Cynopsis, Lefsetz, Pandora, iTunes, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, probably some sort of shopping sites, audible, network and cable TV, Candy Crush Saga and Scrabble. That's an AVERAGE day> I'm sure I'm missing something. I'm going to start keeping track all week. Send me your day!

Tuesday's Trivia Question: Pete, Ruxin, Taco, Kevin, Andre & the show.

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