The answer to Monday's Trivia Question: Oswald State Penitentiary aka OZ was the home of Schillinger, Beecher, Augustus Hill and Chris Keller.

FIRST FIVE : Jim Carter, Daniel Block, Bobby Aguilera, Monica Caraffa & Tara Dowling

Honorable Mention: James Gabriele

Friday's Cable Top 5

WWE Smackdown-Syfy .8/2.8
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/2.0
Toy Story-Disney .8/3.6
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9
Spartacus-Starz .6/1.4

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5Kristy Carruba

The Masters-CBS 4.1/17.9
60 Minutes-CBS 2.4/12.1
Family Guy-FOX 2.4/4.9
Simpsons-FOX 1.8/4.0
The Good Wife-CBS 1.7/9.9

Sunday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

Simpsons-FOX 65,182

Once Upon a Time-ABC 50,677

Family Guy-FOX 44,694

The Amazing Race-CBS 33,831

American Dad-FOX 18,214

Sunday's Cable Top 5


Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

2013 MTV Movie Awards-MTV 3,066,148
NBA Basketball-NBA TV 358,393
Game of Thrones-HBO 189,306
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo
MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show-MTV 74,024

Top 5 DVR'ed Shows for the week of 3/25/18-3/31/13

Modern Family-ABC from a 3.2 to a 5.5 (+72%)
The Following-FOX from a 2.3 to a 3.9 (+70%)
Grey's Anatomy-ABC from a 2.9 to a 4.4 (+52%)
New Girl-FOX from a 2.2 to a 3.6 (+64%)
Revolution-NBC from a 2.6 to a 4.0 (+54%)

How I Met Your Mother

Okay I don't want anyone annoyed with me, but I have to say this because I noticed it about myself last night. Lately, maybe the past two seasons, whenever the How I Met Your Mother storyline includes more Marshall and Lily, I sorta don't care. I sorta tune out. Is that happening to you guys at all? It wasn't always that way. Why is it that when a couple has a baby, we lose interest in them or they just become less interesting? I don't know if we were supposed to be shocked and believe that Marshall and Lily are going to actually move to Italy with Captain Twin Peaks, but I'm assuming that they won't actually go through with it. I mean it wouldn't make sense since they couldn't even survive in Long Island remember? Anyway, Ted and Barney were obsessed with trying to check out the "ridonkulious" body, represented by a hot orange glow, of Liddy, a girl Ted knew from Yoga, who is also Tanzy from Hart of Dixie, AND Barney and Robin's wedding planner. She wouldn't take off her huge down coat and it was driving them all nuts. Cute, but I really feel the need to fast forward to the season finale already. Maybe it's me?

Rules of Engagement

I can't believe that Rules of Engagement is most likely going to be cancelled. Last night's episode was really funny and again, no mention of a baby or a wedding. Could it be that the season ends, the series ends, and the baby never arrives and the wedding never happens? I think that would be awesome. Anyway, Timmy went on vacation to Chicago and in his absence, Russell found a girl that looked and sounded like Timmy, especially once he made her cut her hair and wear glasses. It was really hilarious. Also hilarious was the cooking contest between Adam & Jen and Jeff and Audrey. (Jeff and Audrey won) Is it me or do Jen's bangs get bigger and thicker every week and now look like those things at the car wash that swing back and forth against your windshield? I'm gonna miss this show when it's gone. So under the radar, maybe too much so.

The Voice

I consider myself a music lover, I really do. I love documentaries about music, the process of making an album or writing a song. I love movies about bands, like the most recent Eagles documentary. So I find it a strange thing that when I get to the battle round stage on The Voice, I feel the need to fast forward through the prepackaged pieces showing all that stuff that I love in movies but could care less about in this show. Even with the addition of Sheryl Crow, Joel Madden, Hillary Scott and forward. I care more about Shakira and Adam's hair, Usher's red sneakers and just about anything Blake Shelton says or does makes me happy.'s the battles, which last night were really really strong. I don't envy the judges, they have hard decisions to make with these really talented people this season. I'm not sure I understand the steal thing though. Now you can steal more than one time. So the elimination process gets extended? More battle rounds? I liked when Carson Daly was more of a vanilla, wallpapery host. Last night, you would have thought that he was alerting us of a Super bowl win or something whenever a judge would hit their steal button. I thought his head was going to explode. Carson, chill out dude. Just take it down a notch. I get, it you need to make things exciting, but seriously, it's almost a little awkward.

News & Information:

- The new Esquire Network was supposed to launch next Monday, but the launch has now been pushed back to sometime this Summer.

- For anyone that was curious about the song that they played at the end of Game of Thrones Sunday night, I found it! Here you go.

-Have you guys seen the Ship My Pants spot for Kmart? No??? You gotta see it, check it out here:

-Faith Hill quit her Sunday Night Football gig...WHY? How much work could that be? Didn't she just tape those pieces and then sit back and watch the season? Was she forced out? Maybe she's lost her relevancy a bit?

Tuesday's Trivia Question:
Who starred in Smoke Jumpers, Aquaman, Queens Boulevard and Medellin?

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