How Media Can Super-Serve Local Advertisers With TikTok Opportunities (Video)

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To the untrained eye, it might seem like TikTok is just another way to drain potential advertising revenue from local ad sellers at radio, TV and newspaper companies. After all, the social media platform generated $4.6 billion in 2021, according to the Business of Apps.

Isn't that more of a potential drain than a potential gain for local media? Not really, if you know how to approach it. That's made clear by three experts at Marketron: this video session's Host, Christine Pecher, Director of Marketing, along with Kyle Nalepa, Director of Media Activation and Beth Osborne, Senior Content Marketing Manager.

They delve into the best type of local advertisers to approach with TikTok opportunities -- including those involved with finance, automotive and restaurants. Other insights relate to how local media companies can use their own in-house influencers, like DJs and talk show hosts, within TikTok messages. And they also divulge some tips about how to develop effective pitches when discussing the social media platform with clients.

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